2021 Recap: 1 People’s Product Launches Throughout The Year

2021 Recap: 1 People’s Product Launches Throughout The Year

2021 has been the year where we add more premium quality options that are sustainable and eco-friendly.


2021 has undoubtedly been an amazing year for the 1 People team. As a fashion brand, we continue to bring conscious women the full range of luxurious capsule collections that are timeless in terms of quality and style. 2021 has been the year where we add more premium quality options that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Our product launches this year include more ready to wear pieces and accessories, including scarves and sunglasses.


Offering more knowledge and wisdom thanks to the timely presence of experience, the year has certainly brought many opportunities and challenges to grow for the team and brand. In the spirit of reflection, let’s do a recap of 1 People’s highlights and product launches that happened throughout 2021.


Women For Women—International Women’s Day


To show our support for the momentous International Women’s Day, we told our stories on our #WomenForWomen project where diversity is celebrated. As a predominantly women-led brand, our 12 empowered female members connected their ambitions, dreams and passions with trailblazing individuals in history through The Icon Collection, our meaningful and story-filled scarves.


Watch the full video or playlist on our YouTube channel to view the individual stories.


international women's day, fashion, sustainable fashion


Women can take on many roles and can wear multiple hats in an organisation. From executive roles to daily executors of the business, our women team members are skilled team players who act in various departments—from design and production, to marketing and creative. This project is certainly one of the highlights of the year! Give our previous journal on our International Women’s Day celebration with #WomenForWomen a read here


New product release: R.A. Kartini & Jane Goodall Le Grand Scarves


As part of The Icon Collection, we launched two new lovely scarves in honour of the trailblazing women’s rights advocator in Indonesia, Raden Ajeng Kartini, and the pioneering primatologist, Jane Goodall. These two women figures and their stories have inspired our designers to design bespoke scarves that do more than just look pretty when worn, but are also meaningful, significant and symbolic.


international women's day, scarves, the icon collection, accessories


Fashion items are, after all, symbols that represent the wearer’s identity and self-expressions. Fashion is art in the form of wearables that are convenient for daily use and function. Especially with bold accessories that refine the entire outfit, there is certainly a story to be told with it. The Icon Collection can be seen from a similar lens, where we try to translate inspiration in the form of bold accessories that tell unique, ambitious stories.


We think the new additions for The Icon Collection, as well as existing pieces in the collection, captures this essence in the most empowering and inspirational way we know how. We can only hope that this message gets conveyed to our community of conscious women.


New product release: Sunglasses


Our first-ever sunglasses capsule collection, Honest Eyewear, finally made it to our range of accessories this year. This was a project that had been planned from the start, which was why when it finally came to fruition it certainly elevated our range of options as a brand.


sunglasses, capsule collection, artisan made, accessories, sustainable luxury, danish design, danish aesthetic


Boasting true Danish designs with its material use and strong, minimalist accents, we have produced three styles—all handcrafted by artisans using upcycled rosewood from furnitures’ waste. The material use also traces back to the design inspiration, whereby our designers were inspired by the distinctive quality of Danish furniture aesthetics. From the classic cat eye to the trendy oversized sunglasses, we have made these sunglasses consciously with high regard for the people and the planet. And, of course, these styles are made to complement any outfit you wear.


New product release: Swimwear


As a brand, our first collection launch back in 2019 was the sustainable swimwear—made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. To greet the summer season this year, we launched our By The Sea swimwear collection, with four new styles of bikinis and one-piece. The two-piece bikini styles are Brisbane, Uluwatu and Crete; the one-piece swimsuit is Mykonos. All styles are made with the same ECONYL® yarn, available in three luscious colours—Red Coral, Pebble and Sand. 



swimwear, swimsuit, one piece, sustainable fashion


The bikini styles are Brisbane, Uluwatu and Crete. The one-piece swimsuit is Mykonos.


one-piece, swimsuit, swimwear, sustainable luxury


Sand is the new colour that was introduced as part of this collection, and whilst Red Coral and Pebble made the cut last time, they look extra vibrant in the new styles. The two-piece and one-piece styles can be seen as a refined version of the existing swimwear collection, but one new style is the Uluwatu Timeless Classic Bikini top and bottom. It boasts the classic 60's lush style with its triangle bikini top and high-waisted bikini bottom. 


The bikini styles are sold separately, separating between the top and bottoms—but purchasing both in one go is, of course, possible. All new styles under the By The Sea collection comes in a handmade pouch made from abandoned fishing nets and knitted by empowered Indonesian women. 


New product release: Resort wear


“A Momentary Escape is the resort collection that offers sustainably luxurious, versatile, and timeless styles that transport you to vacation mode any time, any day. Wearing our contemporary resort wear allows for a significant discovery of unforgettable and indulging moments throughout your summer house getaway. Discover the looks that you can mix and match on your summer escape to the beachside, for the sake of a much needed time away from the routines of daily life.”


To mix and match with the new swimwear styles are the pieces from our first-ever resort wear capsule collection, A Momentary Escape. The capsule collection was released in time for a summer of unwinding and long hours under the sun. This launch was one of our greatest highlights of the year, where we released a shiveringly beautiful and emotional promotional video.


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From the collection, we introduced our very first skirt, the Mallorca Asymmetric skirt, to add to our existing category of ready to wear bottoms. What’s more, the Cap Ferret Short Dress and Biarritz Sarong happened to be loved by many; whilst the Portonovi Sandals and Monte Carlo Tote Bag were added to our existing categories of accessories. For something familiar yet refreshing, we released the Sao Paulo Racer Knitted Top in a new colour, Sand, and new trousers for that summer-loving style, the Florence Pants and Florence Knee Pants.


In realising this mini collection, we required the help of Creatnet Fashion in manufacturing our luxurious pieces. They pay great attention to sustainability in their practices by focussing on the three most important factors, which are materials, environment, and people. Like us, they identify with the holistic view of people and planet in their conducts. We are proud to collaborate with manufacturers that share the same vision and mission as we do.


We also introduced the use of a new material made of grape leather for this resort wear capsule collection. VEGEA is the new sustainable biomaterial for our accessories, as found on the straps of the Portonovi Sandals. It’s made from 100% organic cotton which is coated with bio-compound from grape marc, composed of grape skins, stalks, and seeds discarded during wine production. The material is solvent-free and animal friendly.


New product release: Sustainable shirts


As the world rushes back to work in August, we, too, hurried to release our sustainable shirts collection to add to our existing category of ready to wear tops. Embracing three new smart casual shirt styles that are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton such that you get to set a statement with your outfit when you get back to the office. Named after three beautiful Eastern European cities—Prague, Budapest and Vienna—our new styles aim to reflect the same classic, elegant beauty that these cities are known for. They are available in two classic and minimalist colours, Eclipse and Cloud. They are meant for the everyday and other special occasions, too—read our previous journal post on the sustainable shirts collection


With this product release, we want to show support for all conscious women who are making a mark in the world. From the working mums, socialites, minimalist style enthusiasts, to the career aficionados, these sustainable shirts are meant to refine your elegant looks all the more.


Made For More & Cosy In The Cold


Getting closer to the end of the year, we’re introducing one of our biggest launches yet, and just in time for the most hyggelig period of the year! We’re ending the year with the introduction of a new category that has been designed with the smart, innovative PYRATEX® fabrics. 


Made For More was, therefore, a big launch for us! With it was the launch of our loungewear category, made with variations of the PYRATEX® fabrics. Find the Ankara Palazzo Jogger, Philly Cosy Sweater and the Dublin Cosy Top here. Our loungewear debut comes in time for the holiday season and the dropping of temperature, which was why we launched it together with our Cosy In The Cold campaign for this year’s holiday season. 


Cosy In The Cold was launched in the beginning of December to welcome the holidays with cosy comfort wear that’s perfect for cocooning. Along with loungewear, we also introduced two new knitwear styles, the Salzburg Cocoon Cardigan and Nagano V-Neck Sweater


loungewear, knitwear, capsule collection, danish design, sustainable fashion


The remaining categories under Made For More are underwear, basic t-shirts and activewear. These are existing categories in our full range of collection—with basics falling under the ready to wear category—but this time the new pieces under Made For More are distinctively made with the innovative PYRATEX® fabrics. In particular, the PYRATEX® cosmetic fabrics are known for its high antioxidant, sourced from seaweed fibre which is what that the fabric is made out of. This rich antioxidant fabric has the ability to eliminate free radicals that are harmful for the body, with benefits that include anti aging and anti irritation. The fabric’s ability to do more than just bring style and comfort is exactly why we’ve named our range of PYRATEX® collections “Made For More”, because it’s simply made for more


A new milestone for the brand—everyday styles for conscious women


This year, one of our greatest achievements was also the premiere of our brand video with our range of collections from ready to wear casual to festive. 


brand campaign, slow fashion, danish fashion, sustainable fashion, sustainable living, sustainable lifestyle


We took the help and expertise of The Community Creatives, a creative marketing agency based in Bali, Indonesia, to manifest this project into reality. From concept brainstorm, mood boards, production to editing, they helped us realise our story into a visual experience for others to indulge in. With this milestone, we hope to take our brand to the next level and increase our reach to the conscious community around the globe.


New video series surrounding women’s fashion to engage with


Throughout 2021, we launched multiple video series that focusses on our capsule collections, slow living, sustainable fashion and sustainability in general. Here’s a recap of our top-engaging video series.


Sustainable Style Edit


With four episodes to its name already, our Sustainable Style Edit series revolves around a 30-second theme-specific styling game, typically hosted by our two women duo Rea and Theva. The premiere of the series was released in time for the launch of our swimwear and resort wear capsule collections for the summer, which was why we named the first episode “The Summer Edit.” Following the first episode were then “The Shirt Edit”, “The Office Edit”, and lastly, “The Hygge Edit”, respectively. We’ve made a playlist for all the episodes on our YouTube channel in case you want to binge all in one sitting. 


Sustainability Talk


In response to some questions surrounding sustainability and how we run our daily operations in sustainable, mindful ways, we’re giving the floor to Rea, our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), to tell her story as CSO and how she sets the foundation for sustainability at our offices and operations. Watch the episodes on our IGTV!


Design Stories


This year, we also introduced a mini series on our social media platforms with our Head Designer, Theva Pyneeandy, as host. On this series, Theva answers some essential questions around the design of our pieces, including style and material. Watch the latest episodes on our IGTV.


2021 has definitely allowed us to progress in many ways, but, of course, this came with its fair share of challenges. Setbacks are sure to happen—what matters is how we, as a team, come out stronger as a result of these obstacles. For instance, the pandemic had delayed our production timeline, which had then affected other business functions such as marketing. And that’s okay. We’re all learning and constantly adjusting to unprecedented changes, all the whilst making this journey an enjoyable one. We’re taking notes of these experiences and ensuring the same issues don’t get repeated again in the new year.


A New Year’s wish from 1 People


new year's wish, New Years, happy holidays, holiday season, New Years eve


Let’s make 2022 a year of greatness where we take sustainability and considerations for the people and planet two steps further! We strongly encourage, and aim to inspire, a slower approach to living. We need to change our lifestyle to accommodate more flexible alternatives that don’t hurt the environment. An environmental crisis is a humanitarian one after all—so if we hurt the planet, we also hurt ourselves and others. Change starts with the self, and continues together with others. 


May the new year year be filled with many opportunities to learn, grow, improve, and become stronger and resilient in the face of constant change. 


Much Love,

1 People

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