The Grace of 'SERENE'

The Grace of 'SERENE'


It’s that time of the year! December has finally arrived and the temperature drop is tempting us to stay indoors and get cosy in the warmth of our friends and family. The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and now, we want to share why that is in the context of this year’s celebrations.


In the spirit of hygge, which is the Danish concept of enjoying the little things, away from digital screens and the Internet, indulging in cosiness offered by feelings of happiness and comfort is what’s important this season. After all, it’s the holidays! So, enjoying time away from work and living slow to enjoy the present moment should be your main agenda. To give you some ideas on what fun, hyggelig activities you can enjoy, read our previous journal entry.


For fashionistas, winter fashion is a great chance to flaunt layering styles, colour combinations, intriguing silhouettes, and functional accessories. This year’s trend, as mentioned by British Vogue, includes “colours that make you want to jump for joy” and, you’ve guessed it, knitwear–particularly the chunky ones that provide warmth in light of rising energy costs.


Tying in those key components in fashion with our desire to continuously provide fashionistas with conscious choices, we were keen to introduce a new mini capsule that caters to those needs. And this is where our holiday celebrations this year become even more of a joy due to the launch of our new capsule collection.




For our newest capsule collection, we continue to follow the narrative that we highlighted through our An Ode to Summer collection. As we transition into a post-pandemic lifestyle and a world that is ready to embrace the outdoors once again, the styles under the new collection aim to connect with concepts of wellbeing, self care and sustainability with an emphasis on comfort.


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The name of the collection, Serene, aims to evoke images of calm, minimalist, and classy simplicity that resonate with versatility and timelessness. The pieces under the collection have been designed to blend well with the wearer’s existing wardrobe selections. And so, the five pieces here aimed to extend your existing styles in a refined way, as if completing the wearer’s overall look.


Now, let’s explore the five new styles.


Malmö Cocoon Jacket

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The first-ever jacket we have in our range of collection, and it’s made using organic cotton fleece. It’s soft, comfortable and breathable–suitable for the temperature drop. It features two welt pockets on both sides of the jacket, pleated details at sleeves, and a five-button opening that are recycled from tagua waste. The jacket is available in two colourways.


Olden Blanket Scarf

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We introduced this knitted piece before the entire collection even launched, because we couldn’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it. That and also the fact that the cold season was quickly approaching and we saw great opportunities that this piece of accessory could be mixed-and-match with just any style. Take a peek at what we mean by watching this YouTube Short video we posted a few weeks ago.


With a one size measurement of 170 x 80 cm, the scarf can even serve as a cosy blanket at home–for snuggling purposes. We’re saying this as the vegan scarf, because it’s not even made from wool but 100% cotton that follows the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) standards. The scarf is available in three different colours.

Salo Tapered Trousers

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The smart trousers that can be dressed-up for formal events, but also dressed-down with the t-shirt for a casual occasion. It features a high-waisted fit, a slit at both leg openings on the backside for edge, and subtle inverted pleats at the front. Designed and made with 100% organic cotton for ease of mind, and available in three different colours that make it flexible to style.


Tromsø Women’s Belt

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The new and improved rendition of the previous Antwerp Thin Belt. Boasting the same signature logo from recycled brass as the statement piece and buckle fastening, but now designed and made with the luxurious VEGEA and Dinamica® ecological suede materials for greater quality and smoother finish. Length of the belt differs per size, 97 cm (Size M) and 107 cm (Size L). 


Bergen Women’s Belt

accessories, belts, women's fashion, vegan leather, vegan belt

If the Tromsø Women’s Belt is the newer and improved version of the Antwerp Thin Belt, the Bergen Women’s Belt is the same way but for the Berlin Thin Belt. It’s the versatile belt that holds your style together. Adorned simply with the brass buckle engraved with 1 People's signature for a subtle touch. Designed and made with the luxurious VEGEA and Dinamica® ecological suede materials, and also available in sizes M and L with the same length as above.




There are many ways to style the pieces together. From wrapping the scarf over the neck to secure warmth and protection against the cool air, to draping it over your shoulders, as if to wrap the entire body. 


The Malmö Cocoon Jacket can be worn as an outer to the blouse and the Salo Tapered Trousers as bottoms. The Salo Tapered Trousers can also be worn as a casual style for any season, making the look completely chic even when it was intended to look casual. Case in point: pairing it with the denim shirt or the regenerated silk blouse can equally look refined in its own way.


Discover the Serene collection in full and explore ways to flaunt it in your own way.


Much Love,

1 People

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