Business for Planet

We see a world facing what seems an insurmountable quantity of challenges today.Hunger, poverty, environmental factors, violence, the list goes on and on. Us humans have the ability to be the catalyst for positive change in the world, to teach, to guide, to influence for the better of all humanity. Those of us in business should look inside ourselves and realise that with business, mighty change can occur.

We believe leaders in all industries should be forging a path in a more conscious and innovative way that leads to global positive impact. This is why we decided to create an educational programme "Business for Planet" which will lead the way in educating and empowering new entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

This free global educational programme is supported by our profit in 1 People because we believe by educating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow we are creating a conscious way of doing business and on a much larger scale than if we do it alone. This is how we believe our impact for positive change in the world will happen fast and responsibly.

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We support Business For Planet by donating minimum 15% of our revenue in form of money or team hours. The FREE sustainable, entrepreneur program helps new, social businesses get off the ground by providing them advice, access to networking opportunities, micro-loans and so much more. We believe this will help reduce poverty and help create a healthier approach to business for the artisan and planet alike. For more information please visit here.

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