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1 People Featured on Media for Global Audience

You Get:

  • {{trans "10% commission for each sale (after follower’s discount, tax and shipping)"}
  • {{trans "Credits to shop for 1 People’s ethically-made and environmentally-friendly products and to unlock many more benefits in the coming months"}
  • {{trans "A chance to be featured on 1 People’s Instagram and website"}
  • {{trans "A chance to be offered a paid promotion"}
  • {{trans "A chance to design your own product with 1 People (Influencer x 1 People)"}
  • {{trans "High-resolution image catalogue for you to use as social media content materials"}
  • {{trans "Your own dashboard to monitor your activities and earning"}
1 People Featured on Media for Global Audience




  • 10% discount for your followers on online purchase of 1 People’s products
  • 1 People’s product when we run a giveaway campaign

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