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Contemporary resort wear,
when luxury meets sustainability.
A Momentary Escape is the resort collection that offers sustainably luxurious, versatile, and timeless styles that transport you to vacation mode any time, any day. Wearing our contemporary resort wear allows for a significant discovery of unforgettable and indulging moments throughout your summer house getaway. Discover the looks that you can mix and match on your summer escape to the beachside, for the sake of a much needed time away from the routines of daily life.

Organic Essentials

Social Impact

OEKO-TEX® Certified


In realising this mini collection, we required the help of Creatnet Fashion in manufacturing our luxurious pieces. They pay great attention to sustainability in their practices by focussing on the three most important factors, which are

Like us, they identify with the holistic view of people and planet in their conducts. We are proud to collaborate with manufacturers that share the same vision and mission as we do.

VEGEA is the new sustainable biomaterial for our accessories in this collection. It is the innovative fabric made from 100% Organic Cotton which is coated with bio-compound from grape marc, composed of grape skins, stalks, and seeds discarded during wine production. The material is solvent-free and animal friendly.

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