Winter Is Coming! Keep The Warm With You By Escaping To These Beautiful Countries

Winter Is Coming! Keep The Warm With You By Escaping To These Beautiful Countries

December, 6th 2019

If you are a big fan of The Game of Thrones, you must know what it means when someone shouts out, “Winter is coming!” But no, we are not talking about wind chill and horrendous walking creatures. Let the white walkers only exist on your tv screens or at least in your mind. Here, we are talking about the real winter season that due to global warming, seems to last longer than usual. If you don’t really enjoy spending time coping with windy, cold and murky day in the next upcoming weeks, 1 People points out to some countries for you to plan a sweet escape. These countries are known for their beautiful landscape, but the best part of it, they have a warmer climate in December. To complete your agenda, we will also share some fashion inspiration that will keep you stylish while winding down. As we care about sustainability, the style inspiration won’t include the heavy and furry coat!

Read on.

1. Spain

Located next to Northern Africa, Spain shares similar characteristics when it comes to weather. During winter, southern Spain will offer a warmer climate and sunny days with Marbella and Cadiz as the best places to visit. A combination of new and old town accentuated with crystal clear blue water, long-lined yachts and fantastic restaurants. As you will be strolling around the city amidst a warm but windy atmosphere, our suggestion for the right head to toe outfit is a mix of light jumper, trousers and trainers. Dresses or knee-length outer are also good to go. However, if you plan to stay outside until the sun sets, take a scarf to keep you warm. If you want to dip in the mildly warm water, don’t forget to take your favourite one piece.

2. Mexico

Situated between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Mexico is endowed with diverse topography and thus, a wide array of climatic conditions. The country can be quite hot during summer but whistling a fresh and mild warm air during autumn and winter. It is a home for rich cultures and tasty food. For your winter escape, 1 People’s pick is the coastal area along Puerto Vallarta, which is famous for its world-class restaurants, golf courses, and a thriving art scene. On top of this, December is the month that heralds the beginning of whale watching season. If you are a woman with a family, this municipality is the perfect destination for your family holiday. In terms of style, a pair of comfortable shoes and casual light-weight clothes are a good start. You can also wear your summer dresses and fancy flip-flops during this time but always remember to take an umbrella to keep you dry when the rain is pouring. Winter in Puerto Vallarta is identical with heavy but short-term raining.

3. Indonesia 

This tropical country that seats between Asia and the Australia continent isn’t familiar with the word “Winter”. Throughout the year, you will either face a dry or rainy season. However, due to the change of the global temperature, the dry season can last longer in Indonesia. As if a blessing in disguise, the long-lasting dry season offers you a winter getaway with a longer period anywhere you go across this country. The most popular place to visit, however, is Bali. Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a one-stop destination to get all you can think of doing during a holiday. Nature wanderers, culture enthusiasts and late-night revels find their heaven in this island. When talking about fashion, summer style fits in any season. You can enjoy Bali with a knee-length boho dress, flip-flops and a sun visor to protect you from the sunray, even in December! 

4. Australia

Another perfect place for a family vacation is Australia! Different from the Western part of the globe, for Australia, winter comes in July. It means that, In December, this smallest continent will be sizzling hot. Keep it in mind, however,  that the weather can be unpredictable in this country that is famous for Kangaroo. Therefore, be prepared for rain or cold wind during the summer. Sydney is the most populous city and also 1 People’s pick for you to land. If you wonder what to pack to keep your cool, t-shirt made from breathable linen, shorts and flip-flops are essential. To style up the outfit, merchandise your tees and shorts with sunglasses and a wide-brim hat. If you want to show your feminine side, maxi-dress and strappy sandals are your best bet.

Keep in mind that while you’re styling up your outfit of the day, consider the detrimental effect the fashion industry can bring to the environment. Therefore, always opt for sustainable clothing. 

Much Love, 

The 1 People Team

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