Will our Future Trip be the Same After COVID-19 Global Pandemic Subsides?

Will our Future Trip be the Same After COVID-19 Global Pandemic Subsides?


It’ll take a few years for the aviation industry to resume to the point where demands are high and people are free to visit places in foreign countries, without any health precautions. And, should we ask, will our future trip be the same as before the COVID-19 global pandemic? 

The answer is manyfold. It is too early to speculate that the future of our trip will be left untouched by the effect of this pandemic or to anticipate that this situation will get back to normal by the end of the year, let alone by the end of summer.


Research after research has been done and there is yet no firm results to tell us about the nature of this novel virus and its cure. A research conducted in Korea even suggests that there is a possibility this virus relapse on someone who’s been infected or reoccur in the society after being dormant for a certain period, leaving us in fear of both being infected and being confined in our home, longer than we thought. 

Despite how terrifying it may be to live in such terror of uncertainty, one thing we know for sure is that industries who are heavily impacted by this ordeal are trying to revolutionise their operation, to be more prepared with a similar situation. 



In relations to the aviation industry, experts are anticipating a huge change in the way we carry on with our travelling habits and norms. In the past, human contact was a prominent factor in the way travel. Whereas in the future, physical interaction will be limited considerably to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus. It means that we are looking at a future narrative where we no longer have a passport in the traditional form but the one that the immigration authority cannot touch nor put a stamp on. If in the past we had rarely encountered a thorough medical screening before we get through the turnstile. In the future, the medical screening will be a compulsory procedure for everyone to undergo. Additionally, we’ll be seeing robots cleaning the airport building as we are walking to our gate or the baggage carousel. 

So, what does it mean for us, travellers? 

It means that we need to stay abreast with the change by reinventing the way we travel. Therefore, 1 People share three important points to consider when planning your “next” trip!

-The Price of Flight Tickets Will be More Expensive

The era of an affordable flight ticket is over. We are going back to the period where travelling is deemed as a luxury. Some airline companies might offer discounts or price reductions to stimulate demand when air traffic is reopened. However, with all the loss that is occurring during the pandemic and the cost of revolutionising the operational system, it’s only rational to expect for an increased price on the fare. That said, us, the travellers need to be more meticulous in planning our next trip and wait a bit longer before plunging into the beautiful sea of our dreamt holiday destination.

-Road Trip Will be Back on Trend

Remember when the ripped jeans went back on trend and we started to see this street-styled bottom in almost anywhere we go? Brace yourself, as it is a matter of time before the good old road trip era to be, once again, a trend! As mentioned, it’ll take at least a few years before air traffic resumes to its pre-COVID-19 dynamic. Besides, with the increasing price of the air tickets, people will start looking at an alternative way to travel, such as hoping onto their jeep and start exploring the globe via road. 


-Explore the Beauty of Your Country

Even though this global pandemic doesn’t crash the economy as bad as it had been calculated, the preventive measures in regards to our mobility particularly across our own national border will stay, although in a lesser degree. In other words, people will start to look at the silver lining of this situation and realise that there are so many things to explore within their own national border. So, instead of flying thousands of kilometres to enjoy your holiday, do it here, in your home country. And don’t forget to prepare for your travel gears, especially when it’s summer! 

Much Love, 

The 1 People Team




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