When 1 People Finds Its Tribe In The US

When 1 People Finds Its Tribe In The US

Life can be inspirational when you dare enough to seek. Amidst the good will of those who realise the importance of being selfless, we are moving towards the current where people are racing towards taking their stands in saving the Earth from an apocalyptic destruction. Individuals, communities or institutions are finding the best way to align what they do best with what kind of world problems they want to solve.


As a Danish sustainable luxury brand, we found that our endeavours mirror the virtues of four inspirational brands located thousands of miles away from Bali or even Denmark. As we are striving to provide the conscious women with sustainable lifestyle items and leverage profit to fund our free entrepreneurial programme, these brands are also making their green legacy. Find out who they are and how they radiate their change to the world. We bet you are familiar with some of them!




“Being Naked is The #1 Most Sustainable Option. We’re #2” is Reformation’s tagline. This brand, which is based in Los Angeles, targets conscious millennials who live independently but not neglectfully on their environmental impact. Their strength lies in the variety of sustainable fabrics they used to design their beautiful, lightweight and chic women’s clothing. According to the brand, up to two-third of the sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage. Why? That's because the quality of the materials affects the durability and sustainability of the end products, making them last longer and less disposable like many other fast fashion items. 


Needless to say, 1 People is also all about ethics and sustainability. How we utilise our fabrics and choose those that don’t cause heavy impact is the way we show our commitment to make the world better through conscious fashion. If you want to know more about Reformation, please visit their website: https://www.thereformation.com




Everlane was founded by Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer in 2010. This brand started as an e-commerce platform selling menswear before shifting its direction towards a brand that enshrines women’s silhouettes. “We believe we can all make a difference” is the slogan this brand uses to educate the public, particularly their customers, on how positive change can be done by starting small. This includes being conscious about what you wear. That being said, Everlane ensures that their manufacturing process complies with OEKO-TEX® certification. Another point to note is every Black Friday Everlane donates its profits to improve the lives of the people who work at their factories.


Similar to 1 People, Everlane sees their workers as partners. The importance of their well-being sits on an equal level as the importance of making the business sustainable through a constant streamline of revenue. As together, we can change the world. Visit Everlane's website to learn about what they do here: https://www.everlane.com




As a B Corp-certified brand that creates products in various styles for men, women and kids, Toms is well-known for their specialisation in comfortable and long-lasting shoes. Since 2006, the brand has actively built a better society through its high-profile Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Working with reputable non-profit organisations, they have donated shoes, sight, and safe water to more than 94 million people. At 1 People, we donate 40% of our profits to fund Business for Planet. At Toms, every pair of shoes you buy creates another new pair of shoes to be given to the people in need. 


As world problems increase, they expand their social consciousness to stand for today’s pressing human rights issues. They are actively supporting gun control in the US. Recently, this brand started an eyewear collection which is attached to their Sight programme. Find out more about this shoe specialist here: https://www.toms.com




Exceptional quality, ethical factories and radical transparency. Who knew that ThreadUP was once an online platform to buy secondhand men’s shirts? Ten years later, when we talk about ThreadUP, premium lifestyle products will come to mind first, with real price tags that don’t rob your wallet. At 1 People, we call it fair price. Founded in 2009 by James Reinhart, ThreadUP is changing people's mindset by showing that buying secondhand products is your available alternative to living a sustainable lifestyle. With cutting-edge technology and fancy logistics, the brand is disrupting stigmas and converting sceptics of secondhand items. Fancy a secondhand Gucci bag? Check their website here: https://www.thredup.com


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