What is the Gut Health diet?

What is the Gut Health diet?

It has now been estimated that 15% of the population suffer from IBS and of those sufferers - 2/3 are women.


These statistics may account for the increasing popularity of a diet that focuses on the millions of bacteria in the gut in a bid to banish IBS and a myriad of other illnesses.

Donned as more of a ‘plan’ than a diet, Gut Health detoxification is favoured by many A-listers including the Kardashians and Gwenyth Paltrow who advocate that you should focus on re-aligning the bacteria and microbes in your gut. This involves striping out various food groups and then introducing ‘gut friendly’ foods to help aid digestion.


The beginning of the plan recommends following the FODMAP plan which then introduces fermented foods and natural probiotics contained in vegetables.

You can help your gut flora along with supplements in juices and power drinks. It’s key to follow a specific plan so you know when to remove and introduce certain foods. The top ten foods encouraged to become a prominent part of your diet are: Fermented condiments (like raw apple cider vinegar), oats and cereal grains, roots, dandelion greens, roots, leeks, legumes, mushrooms, onions and garlic.


There are many health benefits that arise from following such a plan;IBS, leaky gut and bloating are some of the main reasons to address your gut health but it’s also thought to help diabetes, skin conditions and anxiety or depression. This is also a great way to identify any allergies by initially cutting down on carbohydrates, lactose, sugar, gluten, wheat and of course processed foods – you may be able see for yourself which groups are causing you discomfort.


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