Valentine's Day With Love, 1 People

Valentine's Day With Love, 1 People

Are you looking for another special occasion at the beginning of the year? After New Years in January, the month of new beginnings quickly transitions into the month of love, February. Celebrating the special bond and affection we all have with our significant other, best friends, or families, February hosts the one and only Valentine’s Day on the 14th of the month.


The special day of love is just next week! People have different ways of celebrating their love for their special someone, whether through spending quality time, writing valentine’s day messages, valentine gifting, and more. 1 People is making Valentine’s Day extra special with a meaningful story behind it.


Wear it. Feel the love. Love, 1 People.


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1 People wants to celebrate a healthy and skin-caring Valentine’s Day with you. A celebration of love is only ever worth it when the company you keep is blessed with good health, so garments that help you do that should not be overlooked! This Valentine’s Day theme is unlike any other, because 1 People is viewing love from a different angle—particularly one that prioritises health, wellness and well-being.


During turbulent times such as what the pandemic has offered us, health must be number one in order for life to resume in the New Normal. Now that we are entering a post-pandemic era, we are making sure to take our vitamins, become more mindful of our personal hygiene, and be considerate of others. In support of this, our clothes actually have a long way to go when it comes to strengthening our well-being, and it’s not just from the comfort that garments and their fabric offer. 


1 People’s new range of ready-to-wear, including basic t-shirts, loungewear, underwear and activewear are made with the innovative PYRATEX® fabrics. PYRATEX® is a company based in Portugal that provides alternative textile solutions that are sustainable, eco-friendly, powered by science and are mindful of our bodies. These fabrics come from various natural sources (e.g., plants) and have been responsibly produced in a way that preserves the environment and properties throughout the production of its final fabric. Their production chain is traceable, which means transparency is a big part of their process.


1 People sees this collaboration with PYRATEX® as a great opportunity to create an impactful narrative that connects with the celebration of love for Valentine’s Day. A display of love is a display of care, which is what the range of ready-to-wear is offering to you. Indulge your special someone with outfits that have been Made For More than just comfort and style, but that also have a meaningful production journey prior to reaching your beloved’s touch. 


Materials that have direct contact with the skin must be closely observed. The skin-caring fabric that 1 People’s range of ready-to-wear is equipped with have properties rich in antioxidants, thanks to its source of seaweed fibre taken from the Northern Atlantic and certified by European laboratories. Utilising the PYRATEX® cosmetic fabrics for this range of mini capsule collections, the garments allow its properties to react with the skin’s natural moisture level when worn, and in turn enables the activation of cell regeneration to relieve skin disease, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. That’s the level of care and precision that our PYRATEX® collection provides the wearers with.


1 People’s skin-caring garments are guaranteed to make your Valentine’s Day extra loving, caring and special. After all, the touch of love we show to someone comes from the meaning and value we associate certain acts—or in this case, gifts—with.


The Gift Guide


If you're interested in the valentine gifts for her, 1 People has got you covered with the most interesting gift guide to spice up your Valentine’s Day celebration.


Gift Guide 1


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From the skin-caring underwear to the basic t-shirts, these are the pieces to be gifted to show your love and affection for your special someone. Clothes that have direct contact with the skin should contain non-harmful elements and compositions. Made with fabrics from seaweed fibre, the pure and rich substances such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals are retained. When in contact with the skin's natural moisture level, it enables an active exchange of said substances, which activates cell regeneration. 


Gift Guide 2


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These are the luscious must-have loungewear that's not only best seen and worn at home, on your couch. Perfectly cosy to bring outside whilst running errands even when the temperature drops, too.


Gift Guide 3


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Are you—or your beloved—someone who enjoys an active lifestyle? Then the skin-caring activewear makes for an excellent gift for a much more invigorating workout. Made with the same seaweed fibre that contains antioxidants for a healthier skin and body. 


Find the full gift guide along with its pieces on our Pinterest board by clicking here.


Giveaway on 1 People’s Instagram


Participate in the v-day giveaway on 1 People’s Instagram before it closes! This is a chance to win a piece from the gift guide above, and you can choose to win it for yourself, significant other, or best friend! Here’s how you can participate:


  1. Follow @1peopletogether on Instagram.
  2. Like the post, which you can find by clicking here.
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments section of the post
  4. Comment on the post with your favourite love emoji (i.e. the emoji you always use to show your love)


The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day, February 14th. We will randomly choose the winner by lucky draw. The winner will be contacted through Instagram Direct Message along with their choice of product from the PYRATEX® collection, Made For More. Give it a try! Who knows, maybe it’ll make your Valentine’s Day extra memorable.


Secure your v-day gifts soon, so that it reaches your doorstep in time! Shop mindful and consciously designed gifts for your special someone this Valentine’s Day!


Much Love,

1 People

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