Upcycling Paper To Decorate Your Home

Upcycling Paper To Decorate Your Home


In this article 1 People wish to showcase creative ways to ethically wrap your presents this holiday season and how to upcycle newspapers and leftover wrapping paper.

These consciously crafted designs are fun to make for all the family and add an authentic feel to your at-home decorations.

Firstly, fabric wrapping.The traditional Japanese art of wrapping and carrying goods in cloth, Furoshiki, works splendidly for gifts. Kind of like a very functional fabric origami, it also leaves the gifted with an extra gift of the cloth (like a pretty scarf).


Reusable Wrapper with 1 People's Scarves


Investment wrapping - durable products for that special someone to use after receiving their gift. Such as jars, tins, pouches, and dust bags for jewelry. Not only can the gifted use these, such products add an urban aesthetic to the home and are very on-trend to openly store utensils.

Baskets also work well for hamper themed gifting and are highly practical, these can also be super cheap from thrift stores. Purchase a basket that suits the size of your gift and the recipient will be able to enjoy storing their present in this and more.


Sustainable Illustration for 1 People's Blog


Seed paper, not only is seed paper an understated and elegant way to encase a gift, but it's also a gift in itself. Seed paper is, as it sounds, infused with real seeds, meaning it's plantable. Simply plant in your garden and enjoy the beautiful array of flowers that grow come spring.


Seed paper illustration for 1 People's Blog


You know what other type of paper is headed straight for the bin? Newspaper. Give it a second lease of life by wrapping up all your thoughtfully chosen presents. Some simple string tied in a bow or a sprig of holly will add to the old-world look. Lastly, if you find that you still need to use some swapping paper this season, enjoy these simple ways to reuse waste; shred into confetti for your next celebration, craft pretty envelopes, make wrapping paper bunting, construct decorative steamers, line plain trays to serve festive food on and more.


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