To Over Pack or Under Pack - A Sustainable Prerogative 

To Over Pack or Under Pack - A Sustainable Prerogative 

If you are fortunate enough to still be able to travel this year, you are likely about to face the dreaded “Have I packed too little or to less” saaga. No matter where or how long you are staying at your holiday destination, you are guaranteed to either be sat on top of your suitcase attempting to squeeze your ‘just in case’ pair of jeans in or start a last minute whatsapp group chat to confirm that you have packed a similar amount to your fellow holiday guests and have not forgotten anything vital. 

Firstly, Let Go of the ‘What Ifs’ and Get Realistic

No.. surprisingly you will not be needing up to four variations of pants per day, we can all be guilty of panic packing which unfortunately leads to unnecessarily washing unused items on our return from holiday, as we rush to throw everything out the suitcase and into the washing machine to rid specs of sand. At 1 People we take pride in not just minimalistic designs but minimalist packing. In order to resist over filling your suitcase simply create a checklist and prioritize leaving space for gifts or souvenirs from your trip. 

Don't Just Pack Light, Pack Smart!

Fashion editor Jess Carter Morley has previously stated “I consider my packing a failure if, on returning home, I unpack anything that I didn’t wear”.  Packing a few days in advance to your trip as opposed to the night before is an often discussed way of packing smartly. This way, when giving your suitcase the final review, the likelihood will be that not every piece makes the final cut. 

Protect the Planet 

Think not just about the country you are traveling to but the planet in general, when it comes to product waste and use of plastic. For a 5 day trip, you will not need the same size toiletry products, such as shampoos and toothpaste that you use every day at home, this will most likely end up with you binning said products to reduce the weight of your suitcase on departure. 

At 1 People, we are strong advocates of the motto: “Less stuff less worry”. We are minimalists through and through. There is no need to downsize everything in your suitcase, but let’s be mindful of the huge impact the quality and quantity of our products make on our environment. 


Much Love, 

1 People


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