Tips to Ground Yourself and Maintain Your Wellness Amidst Hectic Time

Tips to Ground Yourself and Maintain Your Wellness Amidst Hectic Time

It feels like it was yesterday since we blew the New Year’s eve trumpet to mark the coming of 2020. And, it is also a matter of a few days before we welcome September, officially getting through two thirds of the year. In other words, we are only four months away before we knock ourselves out in the knitty-gritty of preparing another New Year’s Eve party. That said, it is not too soon neither too late to revisit our resolutions and see where we are in the development of “A Better Me”. Have we checked most of the boxes that will bring us to the next level? or have we got too invested in our long-term routines till we let our guards down on things we have planned to improve our lives?

Well, life sometimes can get intense, too hectic or even stressful and it’s inevitable if we, once or twice, let ourselves succumb to anxiety and depression. There is no need to beat ourselves down for the slip. However, it’s never wise to perpetuate the situation. The negativity will bring us nowhere than walking towards deteriorating health and wellbeing. So, by all means, feel anxious and get yourself in a stressful situation. It’s good to push your boundaries. But also, remember that it is crucial to create a self-coping mechanism that is responsible to ring the bell to let us know that it’s time to get up and reconfigure our focus. For those who already have the strategy to keep her grounded during hectic time, well done! Whereas for the ones who are still trying to figure out the best way to deal with the stressful seasons, below are tips to maintain your wellness amidst the hectic time.

Create a Morning Routine that Works for You

Not a morning person? Rest-assured. Ability to wake up in the morning is not a gift. It’s a habit that can be trained and once you have managed to wake up at least an hour earlier, create a morning routine that will keep you grounded regardless of the situation you are dealing with. Try many things in the morning that you think might keep you focused throughout the day - for instance, having a morning tea session, writing a journal, or doing your morning workouts.

Whatever it is that suits your mind, body and soul, do it and stick to it. Apart from helping you improve your focus, these reserved early hours for yourself also help you to discover or crystalise your needs and desires in life. People with clear goals and know how to get them are those with the happiest life. So, if running is your best morning routine, make sure to get your activewear ready before going to bed and hit the road as the sun starts to rise.

Listen to the Rhythms of Your Body & Its Basic Needs

Many of us tend to undermine the importance of listening to what our body says during the hectic time. Due to deadlines and overlapping priorities, we let our body be deprived from the need to rest, exercise, and eat a balanced diet. We put too much pressure on the body, drink too much coffee and believe that the caffeine will magically take care of all the physical needs. Unfortunately, many pieces of research have demonstrated that it takes teamwork between the soul and mind to listen to what our bodies say in order to enable them to perform what we need to achieve our goals. When we start to feel tense around the stomach, we keep forgetting small details or worse, we start mumbling, that is the time when we need to put things down and spare a couple of minutes, hours and even days to regroup.

Treat Yourself with Me-Time

As we try to keep our physical health intact, let’s not forget about the emotional health for this particular aspect can also get burnt during hectic time. The Me-Time doesn’t have to fall simply in the weekend, but it can be anytime throughout the week. Sitting alone for a few moments, emptying your mind before jumping into a task will help maintain your wellness. You could also try taking ten or so deep breaths while doing the Me-Time. When the weekend has finally arrived and you have more time for yourself, don’t rush to hit the mall or a party but try scheduling a longer quality time with yourself. Value your mind, body and soul by doing all the things you have wanted to do if you have time, such as reading a long biography or indulging yourself in all natural home self-care treatment. Allocating a significant amount of time for self-care ensures that we don’t exhaust ourselves. In fact, it makes us a content person who is ready for everything. 

Take care of yourself and don’t forget to take care of others. 


Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team


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