Tips on Turning the Lockdown into Quality Time

Tips on Turning the Lockdown into Quality Time

On the previous occasion, we talked about ideas to make your house homier during this period of trial. Today, 1 People wants to share tips on turning the lockdown into quality time. If you happen to live independently, these activities are perfect to feed your needs for social interaction and meaningful achievement. As for the readers who are getting through this lockdown along with family, these tips are worth-trying to save your family from boredom.

Grow Herbs

If you are one of those lucky persons who is blessed with a back yard which you can utilise for gardening, this is the time to be active and grow your own herbs. Gardening connects you with the outdoors and the fresh air. Besides, watching things grow out of your effort, will bring a gentle satisfaction and a unique positivity, the kind of mindset you need to stay sane. If you have no garden, there are plenty of ways to grow indoors. You can start by exercising your browsing skills to learn how to grow plants inside your house. 

Cocktail Hour

Do you miss the Happy Hour on Friday? If so, why don’t you take the Happy Hour to your home and enjoy the cocktail at the comfort of your own couch? Invite your pals for a cocktails video chat. When they agree, get into your bedroom to dress up. Then light candles and provide nibbles. When you and your friends are both online, get on the casual conversation while enjoying a glass of cosmopolitan as if you are zipping the cocktail at your favourite bar. Have got no friends but kids? Rest assured, substitute the drinks with Apple juice and bond with your kids over a huddle.


Exercise is one of the activities that you should not neglect while trying to get through this COVID-19 pandemic, says the World Health Organisation. Research shows that exercise both help to boost your immune system and mental health. Thus, spending at least, 30 minutes a day to work out your body is very important during this stressful time. You don’t need many things other than proper activewear to perform this action. Although, if you want to add more weight to your exercise, home gym equipment, such as dumbbells and ropes will come handy. During this lockdown, these products are still available to buy online. 


Have you tried painting as an activity to save you from boredom during this lockdown? We talked about this particular art a few weeks ago. Yet, this time, why not trying to paint on your kitchen or bedroom wall? Think about a space that you want to zhoosh up and what kind of mood you want to bring when you spend time in these areas. Then, pick bright colours to paint the wall in your kitchen if you want a little lift in the morning. As for the bedroom, choose pastel or soothing colours that will give you a relaxing sensation as you’re stepping into the dreamland. 

Stay safe and healthy. 

Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team

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