Tips on Making Your Backyard A Land of Fun Summer Vacation

Tips on Making Your Backyard A Land of Fun Summer Vacation

Summer is fast approaching but it feels different from the last year or many years before. Excitement to explore another part of the world either alone or with your loved ones is totally out of the equation. Indeed, COVID-19 global pandemic has brought us to an era where the farthest we can go for a safe and healthy summer vacation is into the woods. Yet, not everyone can simply pack their picnic basket and drive to nearest open woods. Thus making this summer plan is particularly tricky for a woman with kids or a big family. 

Whilst the unfortunate situation may keep us from our freedom to move around, the global pandemic should not keep our mind from finding a solution. There is still a way to safe the summer vacation from boredom and instead, keep every member of your family happy and satisfied. It doesn’t require flight tickets to the Caribbean. It simply requires creativity and a backyard. Below are a few tips on how to turn your backyard into a land of fun, exhilarating and educative midyear exploration. 

Geology Rocks!

If you were born somewhere on the 80s, you must be familiar with the legendary TV sitcom Friends and its intelligent Palaeontologist who has always been a source of amusement for his affinity to Dinosaurs and of course, to rocks! For this summer, let yourself and your family members immersed in Geology! Yes, enjoy the fun of exploring nature by examining the different kinds of stones and pebbles and creating something new out of them. Be the hero of the family by collecting some rocks, learning a bit about Geology, if you are not a Geologist, and presenting them to teach the Geology lesson. Once every member of the family has a good grasp about nature through the rocks, turn the lesson into a DIY workshop by transforming the rocks into planets,  pets or even a replica of Easter eggs. Don’t forget to provide all the necessary materials, such as paint, glitter, sticky foam or googly eyes. Due to the strong texture of the rocks, the end result of these pieces of DIY art can be knick-knacks your family members can keep and reminisce the memory of a lovely backyard summer camp every time they see them.

Outdoor Theather 

Travel the world through movies by creating your own outdoor theatre. Thanks to the internet and Netflix, now we can watch a variety of movies at the comfort of our own laptop! For your summer vacation with family, choose documentaries about world exploration or historical movies that promote culture, diversity and knowledge. You can set up a tent with comfortable cushions, mats and of course, popcorns and soft drinks. If you think about having a movie marathon, make sure to take a break between the movies to discuss the themes and moral lessons of the movie. Frame the discussion like a game to make it more interesting for everyone. 


When the dusk falls, summer will be the perfect time to go stargazing. The mountain top could be the best spot to read the stars. Yet, in this situation, your own backyard will also do the work. Organise a huge rug, blankets and cushions to enjoy a family snuggle while looking up at the night sky. You might also need to learn a bit of constellation and planetary theory to be able to explain to your family members about the stars. To make the stargazing more enjoyable, find binoculars or a small telescope that can be passed from one family member to another as you are trying to read the stars. 

You can either chose one of these three activities for your family or you can have the back to back fun activities in one day. As summer is identical with a sunbeam, don’t forget to put your caps on. Happy trying and happy holiday! 


Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team

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