Three Things You Need to Know about the Seasonless Wardrobe

Three Things You Need to Know about the Seasonless Wardrobe

While the days of dressing by seasons are diminishing, the rise of Seasonless Wardrobe is getting too difficult to ignore. The increase of global temperature has made the lines between Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter blurry. In response to this phenomenon, brands are producing seasonless collections that promote pan-seasonal fashion items we can wear all year around. Sometimes also called as a capsule wardrobe, the Seasonless Wardrobe isn’t just about functionality though. Quality and flexibility are also the integral parts that we can enjoy from having a seasonless wardrobe as the products we put in are meant to be both lasting forever and fiting many occasions. That said, we no longer need to own many dresses to stay stylish and relevant. So, gone are the times for fast fashion products and overconsumption. It also means that the future of the Fashion Industry will be more sustainable and thus the impact generated by this industry will be less heavy. Given the significance of the seasonless wardrobe, below are the things you need to be aware of. 

Seasonless Wardrobe is the New Normal 

As global warming has blurred the difference between seasons, it is about the time when Seasonless Wardrobe will be the new normal. Instead of hoarding a low quality and short-lived fashion arsenal, we are looking at the future where cultivating intelligent and multipurpose clothing edits will see us through 365 days, whatever the weather. The choice of colours would no longer matter as well. Items with a pop of bright red and metallic pink won't lay dormant during the cold months and so do the items with darker shades such as navy blue, merlot and khaki. They will be present throughout the year. As the products will serve more purpose than they usually do, our wardrobes will be the new channel to invest our money. 

Puffer Jacket is the New Must-Have! 

If you live in the UK, Australia or in any other country where it is hard to predict the weather particularly in the time of Global Warming, then you’ll understand why a puffer jacket is one of the Seasonless Wardrobe must-have items. Outdoorsy or not, lifestyle wear like a puffer jacket is proven to be a lifesaver that will keep us warm when the wind gets chilly but at the same time, makes us stand out from the crowd. Besides, a puffer jacket goes very well with any Athleisure staples that you might already have. Given the versatility, this type of coat has been produced in many colours that suit any personality and taste. Many brands are also working to create puffer jackets with ethically-sourced and sustainable materials. Owning a piece for your wardrobe won’t do any harm than leveling up your fashion game. 

Swim and Beachwear are the New Breed of Athleisure

Swim and beachwear is also doing incredibly well with more and more people building whole looks from mixing and matching their swimwear with a pair of jeans or flare skirt. This fashion hack is particularly useful for festival goers and beach holiday lovers. Therefore, when you are looking to buy new swimwear, consider buying a one-piece whose style and design spark inspirations for you to mix and match. For instance, you need to see whether the beachwear that you are looking at can be a perfect top for you to stroll around the lively coastal neighbourhood during your hot summer holiday or to be a comfortable layer that looks nice when paired with an oversized outer.


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