The World's Best Spots for Dining with a View

The World's Best Spots for Dining with a View

Whether you want to celebrate a special moment or simply want to treat yourself for no reason but practising self-love, going out for a meal at a restaurant with a stunning view can change the state of your dining from a mediocre meal time to a memorable experience. To help you make the memorable dining experience a reality, 1 People selected a handful of the world’s best places for dining with a view, be it a restaurant with a city's silhouette, glimmering coastline or rolling countryside.


Located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower, Le Jules Verne enjoys a mythical setting that brings you the romantic city view of Paris. Le Jules Verne doesn’t gain its reputation simply from its magical location as the restaurant is also known for its celebrity chef’s visionary idea to combine the excellence of classic French cuisine with a modern touch. The best part of this restaurant is the wine list that is 100% French! In a nutshell, Le Jules Verne is a perfect place to celebrate your wedding anniversary.


From France, we move down to South Africa where Delaire Graff Restaurant is located. Situated in the midst of winelands, the restaurant offers you the beauty of African nature of the Western Cape. The Executive Chef, Michael Deg commands a kitchen that creates a style of ‘bistro-chic’ cuisine made with the highest quality seasonal ingredients from ethical farmers and organic suppliers.  If South Africa happens to be one of the countries you would love to visit once the air traffic resumes to normal, squeeze Delaire Graff Restaurant in your list of must-visit-venue to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding South African landscape while eating.


Moving west to the Carribean Sea, there we have Dasheene, Ladera Resort‘s signature fine dining restaurant. In this restaurant, guests are welcomed to enjoy award-winning cuisine and the spectacular views of the Pitons and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The head Chef will indulge you with his personal cooking style that renders his unique interpretations of traditional St. Lucian dishes. Creating your memorable dining experience at this restaurant is a form of self-love that makes your heart and belly jive.


Another award-winning place that harbours a dining spot with a breathtaking view is Andronis Suites Hotel that is known for its splendid restaurant, Lycabettus. Clinging to the side of a steep cliff, Lycabettus restaurant is the right place for both a romantic and an adventurous journey that includes a spectacular dining experience. Named after a hill in Athens, the restaurant serves cuisine made from traditional Mediterrean recipes. If you are a big fan of olives and yogurt, this restaurant is a must visit.


Last but not least, Asia has become one of the places that has the best venue for presco-dining, thanks to Vertigo, a rooftop restaurant that is located not only at one of the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok but also at the heart of the city. No wonder its jaw-dropping view becomes a magnet that attracts visitors who come for food and a panorama. Offering Western and Oriental cuisine, this restaurant is another memorable dining experience with a city silhouette you should try. 


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