The Style in Every Age, The Over 50 Fashion Inspiration for Mature and Active Self-Made Women

The Style in Every Age, The Over 50 Fashion Inspiration for Mature and Active Self-Made Women

That iconic walk when Jennifer Lopez rounded up the Versace’s Milan fashion show will forever stay in our heart. Wearing the jungle-print silk dress, Lopez declares that a woman in her 50 can be as stylish and fashionable as the 20 something Kendall Jenner.  

Yes, age doesn’t dictate who you are, what you have to do and what you should wear! It is merely a numerical symbol that marks your stay on Earth. Should it mean something important, the increasing number on your age is an alarm that reminds you of a liberation, an escape from social construction and an open door to shed away fears of being judged and be brave to show your true colour.  

For 1 People’s readers, let’s now dive into fashion inspirations that you can count on to radiate the beauty inside.  

-Staying True to Your Unique Senses

Yes, we said it again, being true to yourself is the bedrock of all things you could do to discover the right style in your 50s. If you have been a fan of an exuberant ruffled- sleeves top, but always fears the possible attention you might create, this is the time to get your skin thicker. No more waiting for a gala to take the flashy top out of your wardrobe. As soon as Monday starts, pair the fancy top with tailored pants and pointed shoes for a crisped look when attending your morning meeting. Want more? Check out how these celebrities rock their styles in their 50s. 

-Go with Pattern and Prints That Complement Your Body Shape

The infamous Vogue editor, Anna Wintour claims that one of the biggest fashion trends in 2020 is prints. This intricate ornament on fabric will be a fashion material that many designers are working on for their new collections, meaning that you’ll have more options to choose from. While wrinkles are signs of wisdom, showing how much you enjoy your life, prints and patterns are the smart and bold way to hit the streets looking fresh and jubilant. Level up your fashion game and draw all the eyes towards what you wear, instead of the smile lines. 

-Don’t Put On A Dress Just Because It Is A Trend! 

The biggest mistake we all did to look fashionable is to follow the current on what’s trending even if the trend doesn’t represent who we are. As you are getting more mature in dealing with your emotions, it’s time to say “Goodbye” to those fashion items that don’t match your personality and opt for materials and style that voice out your strength and visions. We all know that fashion is more than just Dior and Louis Vuitton, it is an expression that you can harness to demonstrate your political view. If you are against fast fashion and all the waste the industry has created, switch gears and start buying from brands that share the same values. Read this article on how to look gracefully fashionable with items from a flea market. 

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