The Real Value Of Getting In Shape For Your New Year’s Resolution

The Real Value Of Getting In Shape For Your New Year’s Resolution

How are you getting on with the 2020? Has the New Year’s Resolution kicked off? Or, just like anyone else, you are still in a coma from an exhausting New Year’s Eve party? 

A week has passed since the famous giant ball in Times Square majestically descended to the ground, counting down the last minute of 2019 that heralds the beginning of the new millenium. It’s time to get back to the routines and start to shake off the bad habits you want to let go this year. If your new resolution is as simple as getting back to your ideal shape - after the filling festive season’s food, but find it as difficult as moving a mountain, a new set of activewear can be a good inspiration to lift you from the couch and hit the gym. 

Be conscious with your option and select a sporty top and bottom set that makes you feel at ease during dynamic activities rather than bringing you to another exhaustion episode. Stretchable and lightweight material is your best bet for comfort. While matching colour and elegant design will crown you as the best-dressed gym-goer. 

If it doesn’t sound too good to you. Level up the value of your new year resolution by choosing a set of activewear that is made from sustainable materials. Ethical activewear doesn’t only help you to get in shape faster but also makes you a Fair Trade supporter and stylish environmentalist! 

The impact we disperse to the planet Earth from consuming fast-fashion including sportswear line, is way too heavy, let alone the social cost the fashion industry is risking to produce a ten dollars crop top. Remember the documentary, The True Cost, that brings viewers behind the curtain of manufacturing practice in the garment industry? Well, you can avoid the tragedy from happening again by becoming wiser in stocking up your wardrobe. Joining the movement as you start running on a treadmill to get back in shape with your ethical activewear set. 

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