The New Normal, the Uncertainty and the Relevance of Wearing a Mask

The New Normal, the Uncertainty and the Relevance of Wearing a Mask

We are once again abided by a situation where the authorities are leading the way in deciding how to live our lives. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are grieving, being deprived from our freedom to explore the world and might suffer from income loss, yet we are still told to take our responsibility as members of the international community to play by the rules so that the vulnerable might survive and we can eventually overcome the global pandemic together. The truth is, the COVID-19 is still taking its death toll while rampaging our economy resulting in circumstances that we call the New Normal.

The New Normal is the time when our sensibility and belief in humanity are challenged at the highest level as this is the time when we need to feel comfortable with uncertainty and adjust into norms that are counterintuitive with our inherent tendencies as social animals. And instead of taking a stand and defending our own well-being, we are obliged to embrace this alien culture to forge a new paradigm for the sake of humanity. As an individual person with our own problems, however, do we really have the capacity of being nice to someone we don’t really know? 

The answers might differ for each of us, yet, let’s try to figure out any similarities by taking an example from the measure that requires us to wear a mask - a portion of responsibility we are advised to take in order to prevent the spread of the virus in public space. Whilst some people take it for granted and wear a mask anywhere they go, some others find it difficult to comply, not because they do not want to help taking care of the public health but because wearing a mask gives them difficulties to breath, to talk and let alone the sensitive skin problems that are provoked by poor circulations around the gap between the nose area and the mask. That’s why, it is not surprising to see people are still walking around without wearing any mask on. It is also not surprising and uneasily intriguing at times, to watch a compilation video published on social media picturing non-wearing masks citizens get mad for being rejected to attend public spaces.

Until the vaccine for COVID-19 is invented, we are going to see a lot of these surprises and confusion among us. Unless, people start to accept that COVID-19 is a real epidemic that can be deadly to some people with underlying conditions. The situation might also get better when there are more options of well-made self-protection to choose from. And by well-made self protection, we meant a mask that is carefully made to allow us to breathe properly, to fit our unique face shape and to give us a bit of style during this crazy time. 

In the meantime, what we can do is to stay abreast with the latest news regarding the New Normal, keep ourselves satiated with energy and take care of our mental well-being. When we need to go out, try our best to see the silver-lining of protecting the public health by putting on a mask. Many brands are doing a great job by producing the face cover. It is easy to be found online and is designed in a variety of styles. You might not find all the qualities that you want but at least, you are joining the collective effort to save the vulnerables. If you are a type of person who needs a mask with comfortable nose pad, adjustable earloops and maximum protection provided by a PM 2.5 filter, this one (link to mask) could be for you!

2020 is full of surprises and COVID-19 is one of the best, if not the worst, blessings in disguise this year can give. Stay vigilant, stay stylish. 


Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team

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