Sustainable Athleisure Wear To Look At For Comfort During Your Traveleisure

Sustainable Athleisure Wear To Look At For Comfort During Your Traveleisure

December, 13th 2019 

Imagine this: You planned your travel for leisure months prior. You have listed down your itinerary, your budget is well-calculated and your luggage is well-packed. You are excited, but suddenly, unexpected long delay happens and you are caught in a situation where you have to sit on that cold, iron-made airport bench, squeezing your body between a bunch of other passengers and crying babies! We bet that the sophisticated look made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the
Funny Face won’t be even relevant. Unfortunately, you cannot control the universe and that annoying picture of long delay might come to terrorise you at any time. The good news is, you can face the situation with a healthy mind by changing your clothing preference into an outfit that gives you comfort and style. How? Athleisure. 
It combines activewear with casual attire that creates an effortlessly elegant look. 

Starting in 2014, Athleisure, which stands for “athletic” and “leisure” has become a norm for women who would choose comfort over style when it comes to dressing up their curves. Yes, that sophisticated look you can create from wearing stilettos doesn’t come with comfort. Fortunately, top tier and street fashion brands are working to create athleisure wear that will flaunt your strong character as a stylish and active urban woman while giving you ease of move during an unpleasant situation. On this occasion, 1 People listed down traveleisure essentials you can mix and match to nail the Athleisure look. One fashion advice to remember here, Ladies, don’t forget to get these items only from ethical clothing company!


Anyone who lives in subtropical climate must have at least one jumper in her closet. If you like the classic look that makes you jump out of the bench, we reckon that you have that high-collar jumper to accentuate your personality. Indeed, jumper is a winter essential that goes well  as layers or as a top, which you can pair with pleated skirts or jeans. In terms of your traveleisure plan with Athleisure, try oversized jumper or turtleneck to give you a loose-fitting outer on top of your sport-bra or crop top.

High-Waisted Leggings 

The biggest difference between the old casual and the new casual (read: Athleisure) is leggings. Adopting Athleisure as your new style means wearing leggings as your bottoms. Lucky for you that these bottoms are more comfortable than jeans. They are available in varied range of length, from half to ankle-length. If denim or jeans can go as far as your cocktail party, you can wear your leggings to a party before hitting the gym in the morning. Of course, if you don’t zip to much gin and tonic. For your traveleisure, leggings provide extra comfort when sitting for a long time and stretchable in case you need to go more down to Earth. Choose high-waisted leggings to avoid feeling pressed on your lower belly when sitting.  

Slip-On Shoes

Slip-ons are your perfect alternative to slip in and give rest to your trainers. The shoes save your time of tying up your shoelace so that you can focus on other things you need to handle before or during your trip. Choose slip ons with rubber sole as they are slipper-proof. 

Trench Coat or Coll Puffer

To complete your look, accentuate your outfit with unlined trench coat. Choose neutral colours to expand your chances of pairing it with bright-coloured jumpers or leggings. 


Another essential you must have during your traveleisure is a piece of scarf. 1 People’s pick goes to pashmina, a fine type of cashmere wool.  Add a pashmina to your outfit to give extra warm during on-boarding trip as it can do extra duty as a blanket. 

Much Love, 

The 1 People Team

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