Stay Ahead: The Denim and Sneakers Capsule Collection

Stay Ahead: The Denim and Sneakers Capsule Collection

Spring is here! This means spring fashion will fill the streets as flowers bloom and days get longer. In time to greet spring, we release our latest capsule collection ‘Stay Ahead’ combining the timeless denim and sneaker styles that will last from season to season on end. Not just for spring, but perfectly suitable to wear during the season, too.


Get to know the latest ‘Stay Ahead’ capsule collection by discovering the new styles and materials. 


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We've named the new denim and sneaker collection 'Stay Ahead' to demonstrate the essential sneaker and denim styles that have been designed and produced using advanced and certified materials whilst also boasting classic styles that stay timeless no matter the age and season. 


Demonstrating the tagline, “Innovating the classic denim and sneaker styles,” the idea behind the collection can be interpreted at two different levels—literally and figuratively. With the former, we'd like to divert the attention to the timeless styles that are still trendy; with the latter, the idea can be likened to the steps that sneakers take—to walk forward or, rather, ahead. 


We're taking the classic denim and sneaker styles and refining them with an eco-friendly twist, from how they were designed to how they were finally produced with people and planet in mind—in true slow fashion. We’re encouraging our community to Stay Ahead with classic styles that have been designed to be future-proof indeed.


new release, capsule collection, capsule wardrobe, eco denim, denim, sneakers


Denim and sneakers offer timeless casual looks that can serve as your everyday fashion. Under the latest ‘Stay Ahead’ capsule collection, we’re combining one sneaker style and four different denim styles. 


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This is the first pair of sneakers we have proudly designed and produced. Designed to suit your everyday life and to make stepping out of your home effortlessly stylish and comfortable. Available in three colourways which are named Latte, Oyster, and Pheasant—with dyes that follow Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification.


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What makes these sneakers innovative is its combination of sustainable and natural materials. The main body of the sneakers is made of grape leather by VEGEA, which is created out of 100% organic cotton that is coated with bio compounds from post-wine-making waste. The material allows for a clean and minimal look and feel, demonstrating a style that is crisp and refined for effortless everyday use. The grape leather fabric by VEGEA also follows GRS certifications.To support the sneakers’ silhouette, the pull tab and heel counter are made with Dinamica® ecological suede whose material composition includes recycled polyester from t-shirts, fabrics, fibres and PET plastic bottles. 


Another material worth highlighting is the sneakers’ outsole—handmade LACTAE HEVEA® from the milk of the Hevea tree. Produced by Reltex in Southeast France, they have been in the outsole production industry for the past 40 years. They undergo a unique process that does not require the help of machineries, just pure agile hands at work. This process may result in unique marks due to the handmade nature of the process, we have stated this on the product page of our webshop.


The San Francisco Denim Boilersuit. The community's favourite piece to flaunt for a lovely spring style. This is the regular fitted denim jumpsuit with a buttoned-up front opening, statement collar, relaxed crotch, side seam pockets, and belt loops that come with a detachable belt for adjustment. Available in two colourways, Sky and Celeste.


The Arizona Denim Jacket. This is the staple denim must-have that will elevate your basic tees or dress when pieced together. Wearing our Arizona denim jacket will make you feel extra warm and comforted, knowing that it has been consciously designed with leftover fabrics. It's slightly oversized—just enough to hug you in a cool, casual way. Also available in two colourways, Sky and Celeste.


The Louisiana Classic Denim Shirt. This is more than your average denim top essential. With a large statement collar to grace your neck, and a wide-back fit to create a boxy silhouette, this denim shirt has been designed to go with any style. Available in one colour only, Sky.


The California Barrel Jeans. Perfect for spring time, and the common favourite classic-styled bottoms. These pair of jeans are the new volume mom jeans with a sustainable twist. Available in two colours, Sky and Celeste.


All denim styles are made with leftover fabrics. Conventional denim is normally made from 100% virgin cotton, which takes up a lot of water upon production, from farming to dyeing. The denim under our ‘Stay Ahead’ capsule collection completely utilises upcycled materials from leftover fabrics that are obtained from organic cotton. What’s more, the leftover fabrics in the Sky colourway are also derived from REPREVE polyester, which is recycled from plastic bottles. Even though these were leftover fabrics, they still follow OEKO-TEX® certifications for both fabric and dye. This means it has been tested for substances including toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans.


Some spring outfit inspirations! Wear top-to-bottom denim and finish off the look with everyday sneakers like the Borås Classic Sneakers. Otherwise, you can simply mix and match the casual tees with the go-to denim jeans like the California Barrel Jeans. Don’t forget to protect your feet in stylish comfort by wearing the Borås Classic Sneakers. Stay Ahead with timeless classic styles that have been consciously designed with people and planet in mind!


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