Should We Treat Ourselves with a New Purchase during this Period of Trial?

Should We Treat Ourselves with a New Purchase during this Period of Trial?

Purchase on luxury products shows a major decline during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Apparently, we succumb into the fear provoked by a wide range of publications and the preventive measures notifying us that the end of the world is fast approaching. As foreseen, this fear translates into a shift on consumer behaviour where people prioritise to spend on essential goods than using our disposable income on something that is nice to have.

Amidst the unknown and the likelihood of turmoil caused by unemployment and starvation, it is reasonable to prioritise our expenses on primary needs. And yet, when it comes to our birthday, celebrating our achievements or simply to spend some money on a long-lasting product which is also known as investment, should we prevent our purse from splashing some cash? 

The truth is buying a new product that you have always wanted is not the biggest problem in this period of trial, particularly if you are lucky enough to have your job in hands and are financially stable. In fact, treating yourself with a gift during this downtime could lift your spirit and give you a sense of hope!

The main threat that you should be worrying about is the possibility to catch the COVID-19 from a contaminated parcel that you have ordered. However, it is important to note that the infection is very unlikely to happen. According to research, the virus cannot survive the environment created during delivery if the process takes several days. Although, there is an indication that COVID-19 can live up to several days on the surface of your parcel if the packaging is made from plastic. That’s said, during your shopping spree - online, be conscious of your choice and opt for brands who don’t use plastic wrappings to pack their products. 

Another factor to consider before purchasing a product is sustainability. The global pandemic is the way our universe tells us how bad humanity has treated the Earth. Prior to lockdown and restrictions on air travel, our atmosphere was powdered with pollution. Yet, not long after the preventive measures imposed upon countries, we can now see how beautiful a clear the sky is, every time we look outside our window sill, and how soothing it could be to listen to the sound of chanting birds. Therefore, if you are planning to give yourself a treat with a new purchase, shop wisely and go with brands that design their products with eco-friendly materials. Additionally, keep your eyes on how these brands treat their workers. As in this period of trial, the workers and the grassroots are in the most vulnerable position. Choosing to buy products from sustainable brands means that you are taking your responsibility to contribute to saving the people and our planet.

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