Revisiting the Importance of Travelling on Your Wellbeing and Self-Development

Revisiting the Importance of Travelling on Your Wellbeing and Self-Development

This period of trials caused by the global pandemic made us realise that travelling isn’t just a luxury which we occasionally need for indulgent. Travelling is rather a spiritual journey that everyone needs to reconnect with herself and revisit the soul that has been left too far away due to the busy work and daily worries. Besides, there are just too many undeniable benefits of travelling that everyone should benefit from. It whips our bodies into shape if our itinerary includes activity such as hiking and even sightseeing on foot. Travelling can also be a medium to glean knowledge if we plan to check into national museums and popular bookstores. Oftentimes, travelling could be spiritually awakening if the trip is bound to visiting religious sites and artefacts. Nevertheless, amidst the plethora of benefits that weigh up reasons to travel, 1 People picked a few best reasons on why travelling would benefit your wellbeing and self-development. 

Traveling Helps You to Know Yourself

Going solo or in groups, travelling puts you in a new environment that you are not familiar with. Your body doesn’t like it but the good news is, your body is built to keep you stay alive, that’s why when you are travelling and get into a situation where you are challenged, you’d be surprised to discover a new-found talent that you don’t even think exists! Besides, being in a new environment, opens your eyes for new things that help you realise your taste and preferences and how you feel about it. Travelling also gives a sense of freedom and therefore, enables people to be more receptive to try new things that might unleash their full potential. In other words, travelling and all the opportunities as well as the challenges that might come along is a good way to get to know yourself. 

Traveling Gives You Perspective

Travelling is the best way to discover the world! It is the best way to understand all the lessons we’ve been taught about history, cultures and humanity. When we take the initiative to meet new people during the trip and learn from their cultures, we come into a realisation that the world we see is a perceived reality. Other people don’t see the way we see it. Having the time to talk through these differences, give us perspective in life, enlighten us and make us wiser in approaching the world and the way we respond to diversities. 

Travelling is Food for Thought

Aside from giving you perspective in life, travelling is also your ticket to going back to school. But this time, without the thick and heavy textbooks, no exams by the end of the trip and boring presentations as when you are travelling you’ll be the apprentice of life who learns about the local economy, politics, history and geography in an intense and hands-on way. It’s a fun class that opens up your mind and feeds your brain with stimulating new information. 

Travelling Helps You Recuperate

Travelling has a nourishing effect on our souls. If you're in the lowest point of your life or simply need a quick getaway, go surf the internet, find a perfect place to unwind, buy the flight tickets and sweetly escape (with the COVID-19, this spontaneity might need to wait). As you are travelling solo here, the solitary moment will give you all the time you need to ponder and reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you want to end up. Being surrounded by significant people in our lives might shower us with love. However, when it comes to redefining what you want in life and recuperating from the past, a quiet soul searching at a whole new place where there is only you and nature, is the right place to be. 


Much Love, 

The 1 People Team 

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