Own A Sustainable Yoga Wear? Here’s How To Extend Its Lifespan and Save The Environment

Own A Sustainable Yoga Wear? Here’s How To Extend Its Lifespan and Save The Environment

Comfortable, breathable, absorbent and flexible are four given features you need to find from yoga wear. These fantastic four are prerequisites for you to get the best of your yoga practice, which involves a lot of stretching. Whilst yoga wear is made to follow your body movement when performing the yoga pose, keep it in mind that this ability might decrease if you do not treat the garment properly. This precaution is particularly important for yoga wear that is made from natural fabrics or sustainable materials. To keep the quality of your yoga wear as fit as you first bought it, check out these few tips that 1 People reiterate for you. The key is in the washing and drying process.

Coldwater is your yoga wear best friend. It is recommended to avoid hot water when washing this tight-fit garment. Hot water could diminish the breathability and wicking ability of the fabrics. Additionally, use mild soaps that are bleach and chlorine-free. Harsh detergents break out the fibre of your workout wear and thus change its texture. When a hectic schedule hits you and you have to wash your yoga wear with a washing machine, always remember to not sharing a load with towels or other garments with harsh materials. Many brands produce their yoga wear using elastane and nylon. These soft fabrics are prone to deteriorate when they are rubbed against the harsh materials. One more thing to remember, stay away from fabric softeners or other laundry additives as their chemical residues might break the delicate surface of your yoga wear. Besides, the fabric softeners’ chemicals are harmful to your health and damage the environment.

Save electricity and bring back your happy childhood with line drying. Keep your favourite belongings last longer while reminiscing the nostalgic feeling when you see tees and skirts are hanging in the air. Line drying is a good way to dry garments that are made from natural fabrics. Yet, keep in mind to not leaving your yoga wear too long under the sun. Try to find a shaded area when dry lining or hang it inside-out. Before you hang it to dry, do not overly agitate or stretch the piece to get rid of excess water. Gently squeeze off excess water instead or roll the garment in a dry towel to remove as much water as possible.

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