Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

Mothering Sunday, or simply Mother’s Day, is just a few days away! Taking place soon on the 27th of March, we are excited to show love for our mothers and all the other mothers on the planet! Are you celebrating this special day by highlighting the beauty and wonders of a mother’s unconditional love and lifetime bond? Perhaps our Legacy of Love Mother’s Day theme will intrigue you? Read about the special theme in a previous journal.


Whether your mum is a working mum, a socialite, or the flexible mum who’s running things both inside and outside the house, there are always suitable gifts for her. Continue reading the journal to discover some sustainable luxury thoughtful gifts for mum—these are the pieces that have been designed and produced with people and planet in mind.


Cosy Gifts for Mum


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Under this category, find the two new pieces from our knitwear collection in the luscious new colour, Sand Marl. Elegant, comforting, and certainly stylish—that’s the style of the Ottawa High Neck Sweater and Salzburg Cocoon Cardigan. Perfect for your mum or wife who deserves only the cosiest sustainable luxury pieces for her lasting wardrobe. The knitwear is made with 100% RWS-certified responsible wool, which follows best practices in sheep welfare and land management throughout wool production. The idea is that after knowing the material’s certification, the wearer should be at peace and comforted whilst wearing the garment.


The design of the knitwear pieces are simple and loose, which are meant to go well with any tight-fitting pieces to have as a first layer or as bottoms. In this way, the versatile style of the knitwear should have no problem blending in with any existing pieces from her wardrobe. If anything, these pieces should do a great job at refining her style for simple elegance.


Accessories for Mum


Mother's Day gift, gifting, thoughtful gifts for mum, Mother's Day 2022


If your mum and/or wife likes something simple, easy, but definitely notable, this category is perfect for her! Find the Biarritz Sarong in two of our most popular colours, Mix Sand & Oyster Black and White Dove, for a bold and flexible gift. Also find the Antwerp Thin Belt, Ankle Socks, and Jane Goodall Le Grand Scarf under this category. These are the must-have add-ons to your sustainable capsule collection—serving as the thoughtful accessory for mum. The belt that boasts our logo mark is a great statement-making piece to flaunt during festive events or at the office. The Ankle Socks are the nice and cosy gifts that can be used everyday, whether at home or out with her footwear. 

If you decide to give the Jane Goodall Le Grand Scarf, you’re making no mistakes! The scarf will truly be a one-of-a-kind gift for your mum and/or wife, because of the designer inspirations that are ingrained in the accessory. Drawing inspiration from trailblazing women figures, ‘The Icon Collection’ of which the Jane Goodall Le Grand Scarf is a part of, is meant to evoke a similar spirit to the woman wearing it. In other words, gifting this piece will show your support and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to create a legacy that will resume from generations to generations.


The Active Mum


Gift your mum or wife the ultra comfortable and versatile activewear, suitable for dynamic activities but also for lounging at home. Find the Brussels Sports Tank Top and Munich High Waisted Leggings here. They’re the best gifts of both worlds, if you really think about it—perfect to be worn indoors and outdoors.


These pieces provide long-lasting comfort due to the innovative natural materials that they have been made out of. Designed and produced with PYRATEX® fabrics, the garments under this category either have skin-caring properties for a healthier skin and body or are made from the blend of organic cotton and degradable elastane—all naturally sourced and powered by science.


Mother's Day gift, gifting, thoughtful gifts for mum, Mother's Day 2022


Who says activewear has to be worn for exercises and training only? It can also be worn to lounge and laze around in the house all day. Mix and match the Munich High Waisted Leggings with any of the knitwear pieces and Ankle Socks to create a full cosy look from head to toe.


We’ve listed some thoughtful and beneficial gifts for mum in the sections above. These pieces are more than just garments that are meant to clothe and provide style and comfort for her, as they also mean being mindful of people and planet. Spending Mother’s Day with these gifts will surely signal a moment of unconditional love, as these pieces are meant to last for a long time, just like how a mother’s love never dies.


Much Love,

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