Memorable moments to enjoy this Valentines

Memorable moments to enjoy this Valentines

1 People have compiled creative activities set to ensure everyone is feeling the love this Valentine’s.

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s it is tradition to make the day extra special, despite the global pandemic sadly succeeding at breaking many traditions the day can still be celebrated. 1 People are here to play covid cupid and ensure you still enjoy Valentine's season solo, with your loved one or your best girlfriends on zoom.

Firstly, start your day off right by serving up a romantic Valentine's Day breakfast. This slow morning can be enjoyed alone as you indulge in tasty treats and unwind or together lounging in bed with your special someone (on facetime if you can't mix households in your city). Don't forget the champagne!

Looking to venture into the outdoors this year?
Take a scenic hike together or alone and enjoy all the beautiful sights and the fresh air — it's a great way to relax or bond while getting some much-needed time to unplug, too.

For a traditional romantic touch and in following government guidelines,
write to your special someone or your close friends this year, try out poetry or a simple message expressing your gratitude for them and a positive message reminding that non- socially distanced days will come again soon. There is something so moving about putting in writing why your partner or loved one means so much to you.

For those with a competitive streak or those who just like some good, old-fashioned fun, an exciting games or quiz themed night is the perfect way to make Valentine's Day very entertaining especially if there is wine involved.

For those who still want to get in their daily fitness on Valentine’s... Enjoy some Zen time together or alone by stretching it out and centering your mind, with some online yoga classes. Make it even more romantic by doing couples yoga, which can help you feel even more connected with each other.

For the evening run yourself or your loved one a bespoke bath, it’s hard not to feel pleasure and relaxation when you are luxuriating in a pool of warm and fragrant froth. A luxurious, spa-like bubble bath experience is a great way to enjoy some quiet, relaxing "me" time. There's also no better prelude to a romantic interlude than a luxurious soak in a bubbly tub.

Discover our tips on how to create a luxurious spa experience in your own bath:

  • Choose the perfect bubble bath for the occasion.
  • Set out candles and a lighter.
  • Arrange the candles on a mirrored or reflective surface to magnify the soft candlelight effect.
  • Set out a pretty and functional candle snuffer or use realistic looking flameless candles for safety.
  • Add some bath accessories and oils to enhance the experience.
  • Have oversized, plush and preferably warmed bath towels nearby.
  • Chill a beverage to sip in shatterproof glasses.
  • Add music to set the desired mood.
  • Check the water temperature of the bath—not too hot, not too cool.
  • If you're with a partner, end with a relaxing massage, if desired

Lots of Love,
1 People

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