Love in Lockdown...

Love in Lockdown...

Whether you are facing the pandemic with a partner of many years, months or even if you have just matched online, you are certain to be experiencing a change in emotions due to government restrictions. Which is why we have combined you with a mix of advice from relationship experts, couple therapists and more, to aid you in perfecting love in lockdown.

In the words of Carrie Bradashaw just like that… We are forced to stay home in order to save lives, traveling is banned worldwide and it is uncertain the next time you will be enjoying your monthly date night with your partner or dancing the night away with your girlfriends in your favourite club again. So where does that leave us in terms of love? In this so-called new normal relationships are understandably being tested, with strict rules in place around the world meaning you can only meet your significant other if you share the same household. Such rules have reportedly led to feelings of loneliness or being overwhelmed dependent not only on your relationship status but your living situation.

Research has proven that relationships are the most important overall contributor to happiness and some studies even indicate that establishing healthy relationships can make you healthier and live longer.

With this being said, it is important for couples to still find their spark in lockdown and singletons to enjoy connecting with others. “This year, I have seen a dramatic increase in couples seeking therapy to work through feelings brought on by the pandemic and how this has changed their relationship. For the most part, partners are either stronger than ever or on the verge of breaking up,” said Dr. Holly Richmond, a relationship expert and licensed psychologist.

For those married or couples living together,forty-two percent of couples have planned at-home “date nights,” and 4 in 10 have even started a new exercise routine together. Whether you are mastering mixology skills and setting up an impromptu bar in the shed or serving your favorite 3 course meal at Cafe Lounge embrace the chance for you and your special someone to get creative with creating these experiences. Keeping the romance alive does not have to be serious, take the opportunity to be silly and have fun with your imaginative venue. Better your knowledge on the importance of sustainability.

Positively, 67% of respondents from SWNS agreed that the pandemic has brought them even closer to their partner.

Aim to embrace this extra time to bond with your loved one and learn new hobbies as a pair. Always remembering it is okay to want and enjoy alone time it really does come down to balance.

For the singletons, lockdown has reportedly resulted in many women reassessing their relationship status. Stylist magazine reported that a majority decided they need to ‘up their game’ and start prioritising their romantic life, date more and put themselves ‘out there’. Inevitably this proves hard in a national lock down, so as expected there has been an increase in online dating app users activity.

Whether you have only just started dating and are now separated or you've just matched last week, here are some fabulous virtual dating tips to make that zoom call or face-time one to remember. Watch a romantic film together on Netflix, set your phone or laptop up and cook together or mix it up and order each other a surprise meal, dive straight into the deep end and play the 36Q game by psychologist Arthur Aron or for those competitive couples play an online game or quiz.

Not forgetting that the most important person to love in lockdown is you, prioritising your health and mental wellbeing is important during these anxious and uncertain times.

Get that body moving, practice relaxation tips or even run yourself a bath and light your favorite candle. Show yourself and the planet some love this Valentines by shopping stylish and sustainable with 1 People. Perhaps, some sculpting everyday underwear or our active / leisure wear romanticising your at home workouts or lounging through texture and tone...

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