Looking Closer at the Sunday Blues and What It Means to Your Life

Looking Closer at the Sunday Blues and What It Means to Your Life

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), stress is one of the epidemics that nuanced the health record of the 21st century. It is said that job related stress is one of the major reasons that has made this mental health so prevalent among people. As stated in a report by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40% of employees reported their job was very or extremely stressful and 25% view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. Given the staggering number, it is not surprising that a psychological state commonly known as Sunday Blue is affecting a vast majority of people with permanent jobs regardless of their positions. A CEO or a trainee will fall into the feeling of hopelessness, apathy and anxiety when the forthcoming weekdays is looming, which is usually happens on Sunday.

While Sunday Blues can be dealt with creating organised and strictly executed daily plans, this mild depression shouldn’t be taken for granted as it may lead to serious problems that can affect your physical or mental health and even your relationship. Therefore, when it seems like there is nothing, not even your hobbies could help you get rid of the anxiety, the chances are you are in need for any or all of these three changes in your life. 

Your Body is Asking for a Long Holiday

Two days off is simply not enough to rest if you have been working on the same job and the same fast-pace rhythm for years. Many people whose jobs require a presence even during the weekend, tend to take a work-sabbatical ranging from one to three months to recuperate and come back to work with a clean slate. When the anxiety, hopelessness and insomnia that you suffer from has reached a dangerous level, you should consider to take a long holiday and simply detach from work. So, finish your pending tasks, get the holiday permission, pack your bags and retreat to reset.

You Might Be in Need for a New Job 

Another possibility that you need to consider if you have an extreme case of Sunday blues, is a sign that you need to change your job. However, before you go too fast jumping into the conclusion, first and foremost, try to examine the situation at your work and analyse whether there is a real connection between your job and the anxiety or depression that you experience during Sunday. Asking questions like; do you feel stuck in your job? Are you overwhelmed by your workload? Is there any coworker that bothers you? Or is your boss difficult to work with?. Once you get to the root of your distress and figure out that your work is related to the sadness that you are feeling every Sunday, it may be the time to consider looking at a new company where you believe that you will feel appreciated, safe and fulfilled. 

You Are Bound to Welcome a Big Change 

Sunday blues usually start mid-afternoon with symptoms that range from a slight sense of unease or anxiety to episodes of panic attacks. It may start from feeling stressed about your job, as what happens to most people, and persist even as times go by.  If this is the case, take some time to look closer at how you live your life. Then, identify boxes that make you feel happy. If you find difficulties checking any boxes, it’s time to consider a big shift that will bring you to freedom, flexibility and fulfillment of being yourself and living your own life.

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