Leaving Your Lockdown Comfort Zone

Leaving Your Lockdown Comfort Zone

What are your plans for when this is all over? It’s a question that most of us continue to ask and be asked in the pandemic.

On the one hand, you might feel bad for boasting about any exciting plans in the pipeline when other people are suffering with covid related issues or other illnesses and stressful situations. Many of us don’t want to shout too loudly about anything good that’s happening in our life right now, or some are facing financial hardship as a result of losing their jobs and are worried about affording their ‘normal’ lifestyle again.

But here’s the thing: you’re allowed to feel however it is you feel in regards to lockdown lifting without feeling guilty. 1 People are addressing this way of truthful thinking out loud in order to help you through another transitional phase in life as a result of the pandemic.

In today's culture particularly online where we showcase our highlight reel on platforms such as Instagram, there is an intense pressure to ‘live your best life’ or at least portray that you are. It is this notion of keeping social and doing lots of meaningful things in order to live your life to the full that will be making many fear returning to their ordinary lifestyle.

Understandably, lots of people are experiencing feelings of guilt right now, because of that unspoken assumption that they’re not allowed to admit feeling personally anxious about lockdown coming to an end. But, it’s OK to not be OK, and talking honestly about it with others might just help. The truth is that after being in a restricted society for just short of a year is going to make even the most mundane tasks such as commuting back to your fast paced office or going for lunch overwhelming.

As we have had some very specific rules to follow things are now going to feel different with a new set of guidances put in place for Lockdown to ease. Humans are creatures of habit and when these habits become disrupted we begin to feel anxious.

1 People have put together some tactics to battle any feelings of uncertainty to aid you in feeling more grounded in the return back to ‘normal’.

Firstly, get planning, even reminders for the most simple activities of your daily routine written down will give you a sense of control. Secondly, watch out for avoidance, it is easy to ignore situations or people that make us uncomfortable but in the long term this may increase your anxiety and lower your confidence. A great way to fight avoidance is graded Exposure, this is when you try out anxious situations a little bit at a time, in a planned and repeated way. Last but not least prioritise alone time and self care. It will be easy to make your new routine around the people you haven't seen in some time, but remember it is just as important to include time for yourself think about an activity or two just for you. Not forgetting to secure a strong sleep cycle as all this socialising and commuting again will require energy.

Lots of Love,
1 People

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