Is Conscious Consumerism The New Habit You Want To Adopt in 2020?

Is Conscious Consumerism The New Habit You Want To Adopt in 2020?

I remember my aunt told me, “Some people say that I spend too much money on clothes.But, if I told them that being fashionable is the way I fulfil myself and thus empowers me to love others, would they stop me from buying those nice dresses?” 

Her story dawned on me that to some people, consumption for clothing has a significant effect on their psychology. If fashion makes them feel good and thus empowers them to help others, should we prevent them from buying?

I recently shared this thought on a global community platform and I received much feedback that enriched my knowledge on how people perceive consumerism. Here are the takeaways: 

Many participants, on the discussion, who are aware of the heavy environmental effect that is generated by the Fashion Industry, think that people should stop consuming. To ensure that you still have enough clothing to slip in, they suggested to opt for recycling, upcycling or buying second hand. At least, until we, the international community, figure out a system that changes the whole course of garment production. In this new era of the Fashion Industry, ethical manufacturing will be a new religion and all fashion brands, big or small, should convert to it. Sustainable fashion is no longer subculture but rather the normalcy. 

They believe that it is the most effective way to reduce waste pollution, unethical labour and animal cruelty. It sounds utopic, at least in the next few years, but 1 People agrees with the suggestion to recycle, upcycle and buy second-hand items. However, at the same time, consumption should not stop at all. 

Instead of cutting off your consumption on clothes, here’s what you can do: 

- Listing down several brands you find trustworthy in their approach to ethical manufacturing. 

-Researching about their values, how they source their raw materials and how they treat their labours. 

-If you have found the few brands that satisfy you with their mission statement, stick to them when it comes to getting your needs for clothes. As your purchase doesn’t only go to the company but ripples out to their employees and nature. 

This way, you’re supporting the brand to save the environment and provide stable income to those who are in need. You can start with the basics such as tees, trousers or jumper. If you lose yourself during the festive season and ate excessively, it is not difficult to find ethical brands selling sustainable activewear (link to activewear). All you need to do is start googling! 

When conscious consumption has become a habit of yours, buying clothes, sustainable clothes, doesn’t come as a bad habit but rather your way to empower the people and the planet. 

Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team 

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