Infamous Shopping Destinations That Offer Best Value and Wonderful Travel Experience

Infamous Shopping Destinations That Offer Best Value and Wonderful Travel Experience


Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo are on the top list for shopping lovers to feed their appetite for fashion. A shopping spree in these cities can easily turn into a long extravagant frolic. Newest trends, a vast range of styles and splendid interior decoration are just a few things that make these cities a shopping epicentre. But, if you want a more conscious approach to level up your fashion game, we have listed three shopping destinations that are not as famous as the major destinations, but offer you a combination of a fun scavenger hunt and wonderful excursion adventure.


1. Berlin



Berlin has a unique selection of independent outlets and high-end retailers. The independent stores are full of beautifully designed shirts, hats, and shoes. With impeccable quality, fair prices and a vast range of shops, Berlin is a shopping magnet for all ages and interests. The capital city of Germany also offers you a rich selection of traditional street markets, from artisanal shopping arcade to freshly-farmed organic food. Established transportation services should make you change location from one market to another easier while enabling you to enjoy Berlin’s artistic and futuristic city landscape. This way, you can enjoy an excursion for shopping while reducing your carbon footprint. 

2. Prague

There’s no place for cheap shopping in Europe. Wrong. Because the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague offers good deals on a variety of domestic and imported products. From markets to malls, Prague is a magnet for shopping vacation on lower and better-priced items. In comparison to other European countries, Prague doesn’t have a compact shopping district that harbours a variety of fashion brands. Instead, the good shops and bargains are located in different places and usually move around depending on seasons and holidays. This unique tradition makes Prague the perfect place to combine travelling with shopping and sight-seeing.

3. Mexico City


Street market, architecture, handicrafts and art shop as well as scrumptious food? Mexico is a one-stop destination that has it all! Save room in your suitcase for embroidered blouses, woven shawls, and knitted bags. Don’t lose your guard on eating as the next delicious tacos might burst into your sight soonest after you had the first one. If that doesn’t sound good enough, move towards Pueblo Serena to enjoy shopping amidst the ambience of an authentic Mexican town. This premium location for shopping is equipped with exuberant facilities for leisure.   


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