Hyggelig Holiday Activities to Enjoy

Hyggelig Holiday Activities to Enjoy

It’s almost time for jolly festivities to begin, and curling up in blissful cosiness throughout the day. Cue the warm sweaters and cardigans with hot chocolate drinks—or perhaps tea—in hand. The temperature is dropping and daylight declining, but not to worry as festive Christmas lights will entertain the streets all the way through the windows of your homes.


The holiday season is a time filled with warmth, light and love. It’s the time to get together with beloved friends and family members and rejoice in the festive mood whilst indulging in comfort food and drinks. There are many meaningful ways to spend the holidays, but what’s most important is the company.


Hygge is most apparent throughout the holidays. The concept is associated with feelings of cosiness, contentment, and well-being. After all, what’s more cosy than snuggling up with a blanket at home with your favourite homemade snacks and drinks besides the fireplace, whilst it snows outside?


To get into the holiday mood, the team at 1 People are looking into some hyggelig activities that are worth exploring this season. Due to the inconsistency of the current pandemic, the team still encourages health and safety to be practiced at all times.


Best Holiday Activities To Do In The Cold


Ice skating

As the temperature drops and lake or canal water freezes, it’s the perfect chance to try out ice skating outside the typical rink. There’s something majestic about skating in the outdoors, with the Christmas city lights crowding your view against the romantic urban silhouette. It’s the perfect date activity with your special someone, or even with your children who want to pick up a new skill.


Building a snowman

Playing in the snow is fun, especially upon greeting the first snowfall. Building a snowman in your back or front yard is a classic activity that should not be missed. It’s like setting your mark and creating a decor using the snow to create your own winter wonderland. Otherwise, make a snow angel using your arms and legs. The activity feels like a tradition to welcome the holidays with open arms.


Watching Christmas lights

Taking an evening stroll during the winter creates a different feeling and inspires different emotions. Colourful lights hang tall and bright all over the neighbourhood, different from the usual street lights that only exist to brighten up pavements. It invites the festive mood which is a feeling that keeps you warm regardless of the cold night. Watching Christmas lights on your stroll with your partner, best friends and/or children will definitely spark a fun conversation about creativity and, of course, the Christmas holiday itself.


Visiting Christmas markets

The festive Christmas lights also give way to one of the main events of the holiday period—the Christmas markets. Drinking Glühwein—or warm red wine, typical of German Christmas markets—, sampling seasonal treats, browsing gifts and walking through the jolly holiday mood are some of the activities you can find yourself doing on your visit. Some Christmas markets even have carnivals, offering rides and game booths to entertain visitors. These definitely make for an exciting winter agenda!


Craft some DIY ornaments to decorate your home and front lawn

It’s time to set your home ambiance with festive decors to invite the Christmas spirit. Set up a Christmas tree in your living room, put up some cards and paste them on your walls, set up a garland on your front entrance, hang some socks and mittens with festive plaid patterns, and decorate your tabletop with DIY crafts. Let the decorations scream a look and feel that represents your household.


Spending time by the fire

Whether that’s creating a bonfire or turning on your fireplace at home, it’s always a good idea to keep warm with a book in hand or a cup of hot chocolate to keep you company. You can also spend this time with your family and engage in heart-to-heart conversations, generating a hyggelig time with loved ones that is truly present and memorable. 


Game night at home

Gather in the living room, turn on the fireplace, play some Christmas songs in the background to set the mood and play some games with your closest ones to kill time. Games can vary from board games, puzzles, guessing games, and more. Discover which type of games suit the dynamic of your company.


Christmas game: Ugly sweater contest

The need to differentiate the ‘ugly sweater contest’ from all the other games says a lot about its significance. This game is a symbolic, if not a staple, Christmas game that will guarantee laughter all night long. See who has got the ugliest sweater from the bunch, and laugh it off! Prepare your cameras because these moments will definitely make it to your Christmas albums.


Watch family holiday movies with company

Spend a night at home rewatching holiday movies with your family. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to see the latest release, watching new films is a good idea. But sometimes, rewatching old favourites is a nice tradition to invite the relaxing holiday mood. Some popular favourites are Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1970), Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964), Home Alone (1990)—and its series—, Frozen (2013), The Polar Express (2004), and more. Better yet, do a movie marathon combining your old favourites and new releases.


Create a holiday playlist

Christmas songs are the ultimate jam. Not only do they make a good playlist for karaoke, as they also set the warm festive mood. Singing along to your favourite Christmas songs and setting up your own Christmas carol choir at home with your family is also a fun activity to do together.


Bake cookies and cook hearty food

Are cooking and baking your strong suit? Then prepping homemade hearty food and cookies or desserts to eat at home are great activities to do together. You can call in your troops to help prepare the ingredients and make it a fun afternoon leading up to the long-awaited festive dinner. The preparation makes for a fun activity of togetherness, which will be appreciated all the more once you sit at the dining table and finally chew the night away. 


Zero waste gifting 

Prepare a lovely zero waste gift for your friends and family. Use existing packaging boxes that you keep around in the house as gift wraps for your thoughtful DIY gifts. The right gifts are those that are functional and meaningful. Use your creativity to create new values out of unused items and give something priceless to your beloved. This could be homemade cookies packaged in a beautiful way, DIY photo calendar, DIY lavender eye pillow from used textile, and more.


packaging, box, zero waste, recycled paper, sustainable fashion, slow fashionpackaging, box, zero waste, recycled paper, sustainable fashion, slow fashion


Our newest foldable packaging box makes for a great gift box. Since it’s foldable, you have the option of keeping it safely in the back of the drawer or shelf without consuming much space. It was designed to be used again thanks to its versatility and functionality. Paint over it to suit the colours you want it to have for your gift, or keep it as is—get creative with it!


Gift Card

Another great gifting idea is simply the gift card. Instead of spending your time thinking about what to gift for your beloved, the gift card is always a safe bet. Simply add whatever amount you wish to give and the gift card’s job is to store the balance for the receiver to redeem into the item of their choice. Everybody’s happy and no gift goes to waste!


gift card, slow fashion, sustainable fashion, gifting


Purchase the 1 People physical or electronic gift card for your beloved so they can redeem into their own choice of Danish sustainable luxury. The physical gift card is available to purchase from US $50, whilst the electronic gift card from US $10.


Getting inspired from gift guides

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to gift for your special someone, the 1 People team has kindly prepared a list of picks for holiday gifting. For existing gift guides, visit the 1 People Pinterest board or the Instagram album highlights. Browse through the timeless gift guide for any festive occasion, be it Christmas or New Years.


Stay tuned to the updated gift guide on Pinterest and Instagram, featuring 1 People’s newest capsule pieces. Would you gift the timeless ready-to-wear or accessories this holiday season? Or would you go for the timeless activewear or swimwear to prepare for an action-packed New Year? Get inspired from 1 People’s gift guides that include the full range of women’s wear.


Holiday Greetings


The 1 People team is wishing everyone happy holidays! May the end of 2021 bring warmth, joy and togetherness, despite the challenges and hurdles encountered this year and the year before. The pandemic has restricted the kind of crowd and gathering that we’re used to, but with every challenge comes its opportunity to respond in creative and innovative ways. 


It’s important to stay hopeful and resilient, as we are entering the post-pandemic, New Normal era. The 1 People team is wishing that this holiday season brings light and laughter and foster memorable moments with loved ones no matter where they are. 


Have a warm and cosy holiday! Indulge in hyggelig moments with the people closest to you.


Much Love,

1 People

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