How To Make Your House Feels Homier during this COVID-19 Lockdown

How To Make Your House Feels Homier during this COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 will stay for a while. The global pandemic is progressing rapidly resulting in extended mandatory stay-at-home order. As as a consequence, we compromise our freedom to leave our house and visit places since we are advised to show solidarity in the attempt of slowing down the spread of the virus. Employees, who once worked in the office, are now working from home. Suddenly our personal space, where we retreat after a busy daily routine outdoor, becomes an open space we share with our colleagues.

For those who are comfortable with boundaries, the merge between our personal space and the working environment requires a little work to adapt into. Even for a working mother, sharing the same space with her partner and kids in a longer time than usual could be a little bit too much. Besides, being restrained in the same place for days without knowing where this situation will end, potentially creates stress, anxiety and boredom. As 1 People cares about your well-being, here we have practical tips on how to make your house homier during this lockdown, which you can implement as soon as you finish this reading.

Let the Fresh Air Flow in 

While there have been several articles stating that coronavirus can stay in the air for several hours. It’s important to note that COVID-19 is a new virus. There is still limited research conducted around this subject. Thus, don’t buy into ideas or news circulating during this situation too fast. Instead, get the information you need from an authoritative source such as WHO. That being said, let the fresh air and sun come into your house. As these elements are pivotal in keeping your mind clear, your body fresh and your house a healthier place to live in. 

Clean in the House

Making tidying up your bed once you are awake a habit. As this action will stimulate other great actions that come afterwards, such as fluffing your cushions and sweeping the floor. And why is this important? That’s because a clean house is synonymous with a comfortable home. A clean house also lifts up your mood and give you a sense of being active, this is a good motivation to complete your tasks as you are working from home. 

Accentuate the Home with your Favourite Things

Flowers can be a nice accessory to give a little touch of spring into your home if you are a fan of plants. You can also reactivate the creative side of you by playing with colours. For instance, colour code your condiment jars with a matching colour palette or change your duvet cover with a colour that matches your curtain. If you want to invigorate a comfortable and serene ambience into your home, burn some aromatic candles in the evening. 

Reorganise your Furniture

Pimp your house by finding a new place to put your sofa, your coffee table and your shelves. Reorganising these furniture brings a new look and feel to the home you are living in. This is also the right time when you can pick and choose a place that you want to work. Find a space with direct access to natural light and fresh air to improve your productivity. 

Working and socially connected via digital space at the comfort of our own home is the new normal. Yet, together, we can embrace this change. Stay safe and healthy. 

Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team

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