How to Emerge Amidst the New Normal Post COVID-19 Preventive Measures

How to Emerge Amidst the New Normal Post COVID-19 Preventive Measures

Financial Time article might give you goosebumps, if not a shiver, for its well-portrayed yet rather terrifying description of the future urban narrative post-COVID-19 global pandemic. It appears that humanity will be having a transportal trip to a fictional world we are so fond of reading in science-fiction novels. It as if our silly wishes to be a part of the imaginative scenes had been granted! Yet, had we known that living in a such new normal would be quite difficult to adapt in, given the odds and the confining restrictions, would we be more cautious in asking what we want? 

While the answer may remain untold, we all need to be aware that the main challenge of living the new normal is not our ability to adjust. As human beings, we are designed to survive the Earth and its ever-changing nature. Yet, the way we carry the survival mode truly depends on how we perceive this world. In other words, our resilience, our grit to emerge is the primary factor we need to work on in order to successfully adapt to the new norms. Don’t be disillusioned as, during this tough time, even the most optimistic person might find difficulties to carry on asking what could be gained from this trial and reasoning whether the risks are worth trying. That said, how can we stay abreast with the evolving world we are living in? 

Let Start with a New Routine

The uncertainty is the right trigger to start a new routine that either helps you acquire new skills, enhance your knowledge or improve your health. It is even better if the new habit renders all the aforementioned benefits. Should you ask why? The global pandemic is another wave of natural selection and, as we all know, only the fittest would survive. COVID-19 doesn’t favour those with better jobs, higher positions or innumerable wealth. But being skilled, erudite and healthy would place us in a better condition to face new challenges caused by the impending foreign situations. The new normal pushes us to re-invent ourselves and thus, starting with at least one new and meaningful routine will accelerate our personal development.

Break the Chain of Negative Emotions

The next step to take on this journey of transformation is to nurture our well-being by first, breaking the chain of negative emotions. The negative emotions have a bigger power than we ever realise. They are the source of anxiety, fear and agony. Unfortunately, we have the propensity to feed our craving for negative emotions particularly when the situation endows us with a privilege to victimise ourselves. Therefore, it is crucial to pivot our thoughts and manage the good ones to stay motivated. Listening to music and maintaining relationships with family and friends would be a great help to sustain a positive mindset.

Learn to Recognise New Opportunities

Entrepreneurial traits are not merely useful to build a successful business but also important to support us navigating our lives. In a world full of risks, our sensibility is a king that will lead us to the right decisions. Therefore, let us open our eyes and enhance our social intelligence to enable us seeing potentials in someone, situation and even challenges. These special traits, although powerful as they are, would be sharper when forged with positive attitudes and habits. Thus, this last point brings us back to the beginning, to the importance of making ourselves skilled, erudite and healthy as a way to emerge for the new world we are expecting to see. 

Much Love, 

The 1 People Team 

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