How to Choose Flights and Plan Your Air Travel Post COVID-19

How to Choose Flights and Plan Your Air Travel Post COVID-19

The ever-changing situation of COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to plan or to commit on a travel itinerary. One day we found ourselves ready to get on board and the next day, we received information that our flights were cancelled due to a pandemic-related situation. The lack of information on borders reopening and different approaches in dealing with international outbound and inbound flight are the big factors in why it is difficult to plan an international trip and why there are many people, who are currently abroad, are stranded and cannot find a way home to meet their own families.

Whilst Italy and Greece have allowed inbound traffic from Europe, there are still a few cases when the whole passengers are denied to disembark from their aircraft for tourism after they flew all the way from their home countries. That said, if there’s one thing we should learn from this global pandemic and its relation to our trip abroad, it is that we can’t predict the future. And, the best way to deal with this situation is to be smart on planning our future trip. For this particular part, we have a few tips on how to plan an air travel amidst this tricky situation. 

Don’t Plan Your Trip Now

Well, the easiest way to deal with this global pandemic in regards to travelling is not to plan our trip now. Apart from the whole health measures that we need to comply with before flying, there are many unexpected possibilities that could happen during the trip. That’s because each country tends to operate differently and may take decisions arbitrarily when it comes to receiving foreign visitors. At the same time, most travel destinations are still close so even if we manage to get into a country, there are not too many places we can visit. In essence, travelling for fun is not recommended. 

Only Book with Airlines that Sell Flexible Tickets

In an effort to inspire consumer confidence, many airlines are waiving change fees on new tickets. Therefore, there won’t be penalties in the case of schedule change or postponement. Additionally, some airlines are willing to give 100% refund in the case that we really need to cancel our flights. Although it might take a few months before the money gets back to our bank accounts. Nevertheless, this flexibility makes it easier for us to deal with the uncertainty during this pandemic. Forbes has a complete and updated list of international airlines’ coronavirus change and cancellation policies for major airlines companies. This list will help you to identify which airlines that provide flexible tickets. 

Shop for Flight Deals after the Summer Ends

Some carriers have restarted their services already but don’t get carried away with the flash deals. Be mindful and spend some time to plan. If you want to plan a trip, try to schedule a trip via airlines after the summer ends. This to buy time in hopes that there will be more certainty in the future. Besides, apart from several countries in Europe, most countries across the globe still have border closures and travel bans in place. Therefore, even if there are flights offered on the internet, we need to be aware that these flights might bear a future cancellation.

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