How To Be Stylish In A More Sustainable Way, 1 People’s Advice!

How To Be Stylish In A More Sustainable Way, 1 People’s Advice!

Recently, 1 People is involved in a conversation discussing consumption habit. We shot a question on a digital platform for global audience, asking whether we should hamper our tendency to buy any product we like for the sake of preserving the environment. The answers we got show one similarity, most people believe that we should stop consuming, at least for the time being, as this is the only way to show our stand towards the waste pollution mainly caused by the fast fashion industry. 

Don’t take the opinion we are expressing here in a wrong way, but we think that we shouldn’t stop consuming lifestyle products as when we stop consuming, we stop creating demands and when there is no demand, the need to hire more and more people to accelerate the production process is neglected. The fashion industry is one of the major employers to thousands of people who are in need for a job. The correction that needs to be done here is how the lifestyle products are made and how the materials are sourced. This realisation then provides solution on how to treat the environment ethically and how to provide a safe working condition for the labours. 

Changing the conventional manufacturing system is not a one day task to complete. However, there is a hope for it to happen in the near future. In the meantime, there is a way for you to stay keep your style elevated while becoming consciously-minded. These tips are taken and curated from Harper Bazaar’s article published in July this year. 1 People chose three important points for you to apply and will tell you why. 

  1. Don’t Buy Something Just For One Occasion

You deserve to get what you want in life. Don’t guard yourself from getting stuff you like as long as you know the rules. Don’t buy a dress or shoes that you can only wear for one occasion. This habit, if you have it, isn’t good for your wallet as well as for the planet. The most stylish person doesn’t have to get rid off one dress after one run. Even Kate Middleton wears the same dress in many royal occasions she has attended. To avoid landing on a social event with the same dress, put schedule on your wardrobe by color code each item you have and where to wear it. The Queen Elizabeth does this coding to her wardrobe. 

  1. When You Buy Something, Get Rid Off Something Else

Hoarding doesn’t do any good to you particularly if you do this continuously. A tendency to pile things up can turn into a habit or even hoarding disorder. Even though, sometimes it is difficult to let go of your favorite dress, things need to be done. You need to make space for a new stuff to come by taking another out. Yet, be mindful on how you toss the stuff. You can either donate the dress to a charity or give it you your sister who has been putting an eye on the dress. By giving it a way with purpose, you create a connection with other human beings while keeping the Earth from your waste. This way, you serve two masters, your passion for fashion and the mother Earth.

  1. Make An Effort To Discover New Brands

Each day, new ethical brands hitting the market. It is just a matter of time until you find it. You can eliminate this period of waiting by making a bit of effort to search for the stylish sustainable clothing. The new sustainable brands usually come up with fresh ideas on how to blend the conventional fashion norms with an avant-garde style that suits their conscious and sustainable philosophy. As they care with the people make their products, they implement fair trade when doing business. Organic materials is a given.  On top of that, the new brands also provide a platform for you to channel your will for giving back to the community or the Planet. This way, you can try a new style, elevate your style while becoming conscious with your options. 

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