High-Brow Activities To Consume During COVID-19 Lockdown

High-Brow Activities To Consume During COVID-19 Lockdown

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic with social distancing and lockdown as advised by authorities, have set the world in a panic mode. A huge wave of people lines up in front of groceries to stock up daily essentials, in case the lockdown last for a long period without any food supply from the government. On the other side, the food stores are streamlining their service to ensure that every household gets a sufficient amount of food that they need. Supporting the emergency measures, companies in various sectors are shutting down their offices and send their staff to work from home.  

While the policy can possibly curb the spread of the coronavirus and prevent our healthcare system from getting overwhelmed, social distancing potentially could develop mental problems particularly to people who have already shown symptoms of mental illness. Furthermore, locking down people, to some extent, may cause serious physical disorders. To avoid feeling imprisoned particularly during the weekend, 1 People share a list of highbrow activities to stimulate your mind and make the lockdown feels like enjoying quality time with yourself or with your family. 

Listening or Playing Music Tools

Distancing yourself from your circle or significant others could be difficult to bear. Fortunately, music could be a soothing consolation. Instal Spotify, make a playlist composed with your favourite music. If you have a piano or other music tools in your home, there is no better time to employ the instrument than today. Let your fingers do the exercise and to cheer you up. In case you don’t have any music tools at home, turn on your tablet and start playing the digital piano for free or for a small amount of subscription fee. 


Revisit your book collection and complete the remaining chapters that have been abandoned when you were still free attending social gatherings. Alternatively, delve into a varied range of book selection online. Thanks to the internet, buying a new book has been made as convenient as possible to be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa. Amazon Kindle, Nook and Google Play Book are just a few great options to try during the coronavirus pandemic.

Code the Word with Scrabble

Improve your vocabulary while bonding with your family members by playing scrabble. The game that was popular several years ago is a smart way to lift the down spirit due to voluntary isolation. Another activity worth trying is to play cards. For instance, 1 People Duo Card would have been the perfect item to avoid dullness during your stay at home. Find out more about Duo Care at 1 People (Link to the product page).

Enjoy Home Theater 

Netflix or TV Cable have become an important commodity more than ever. Watch documentaries that elevate your knowledge or captivate your mind with educational TV programmes alongside your kids or roommate. 


Painting might be one of the high-brow activities that doesn’t only require intelligence but also taste and talent. But, once you acquire the skills, you can thank the authorities for locking you down. You don’t need to be a pro in your first trial. Imitate a simple drawing, such as a tree or a house. Then practice with different varieties. As you get better with your technique, you can move to another model.  Acrylic paints are the best to use for beginners and they can be easily found in bookstores. 

Stay safe and healthy.

Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team

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