Healthy and Tasty Foods that Make You Feel Excited about Life!

Healthy and Tasty Foods that Make You Feel Excited about Life!

We cannot get enough of COVID-19, can we? As wearing a mask, social distancing and work from home become our new normal, there are so many things to talk about and to be aware of. Not only do we need to adjust the habit that we used to have for ages, but we also need to redefine our feeling, reconfigure our emotions and be excited about the life that even though called the New Normal, doesn’t sound normal at all. 

While practicing yoga and Zen meditation might help keep our well-being intact, there are foods that can also help all the mental exercise we've had to render a much better result. These foods are loaded with vitamins that are responsible to make your body jives and your heart happy. These four foods, when combined with the right dressing, will make our tummy healthy and strong while making you feel excited about life!


Matcha is a pure gift from nature. Becoming the byproduct of green tea doesn’t devalue the importance of Matcha to our lives and our feelings. In fact, this super drink, or food if we use it as topping on your waffle or desserts, is a much healthier and better mood booster than coffee. Well, it sure does contain caffeine to make us happy but it also is loaded with antioxidants. And let’s not forget about L-theanine found in Matcha as this amino acid is great to help our minds at present and tranquil. Mix a teaspoon of matcha with 1/4 cup hot water and top with almond milk for a power drink that will make you rise and shine.


Salmon accompanied with avocado salad and pumpkin seeds is a perfect dish for a mood and memory booster. Get a bowl and throw a bunch of cooked salmon, avocado slices, sprouts, quinoa and pumpkin seeds in. Add a few drops of lemon vinaigrette and enjoy a tasty meal that will make you smile throughout the day. The vitamins released by the ingredients, such phytonutrients, omega-3s, zinc, magnesium, B-vitamins, and amino acids. All the right catalysts we all need to boost the production of serotonin and dopamine. As we all know, these two chemical substances, found in our body, are responsible for how good we feel about ourselves and thus our lives. 

Green Juice

Fast and easy absorption of nutrients, increased energy levels, improved cognitive function and glowing skin! What is not to love from green juice? Packed with chlorophyll and potassium, this juice helps to alkalize and vitalize the body, thus picking you up from that late afternoon slump. Green juice is a much better taste and better looking alternative than coffee. Gather a lot of celery, cucumber, parsley and kale to create a pungent green color juice. Then throw in some chunks of apple or orange to add a touch of sweetness. Blend and finish with ginger and lemon to give a bit of tart flavor. Then, serve the immune-boosting drink.

Coconut Yogurt 

If you are a vegan, coconut yogurt must be something that you are familiar with. Yes, swap dairy products with plant-based food to avoid chronic inflammation and disruption of brain chemistry. Instead of going with fatty snacks in the afternoon, opt for some coconut yogurt as the saturated fat in the food helps to improve brain cell integrity. Top a glass of coconut yogurt with lemon zest for an afternoon snack to invigorate our souls and senses before getting back to work or our routines feeling so much alive! 

Eat healthy and stay healthy during this tough time.


Much Love, 

The 1 People’s Team


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