Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Trends in 2022

Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Trends in 2022

The key to a balanced and happy life always involves health. At the start of the year we always try to make resolutions that would sustain our livelihood, whether physically or mentally. We do so in hopes of living a richer and healthier life. In 2022, we’re going to see existing health and wellness trends occurring again whilst new ones also make way.


If health, wellness and wellbeing are part of your resolutions in 2022, you might want to read on to start anticipating some goals related to this.


Conscious eating


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Conscious eating, or also known as mindful eating, is about rethinking the food you eat. This can range from choosing a plant-based diet to eating quality meat products but consuming them less. What’s important here is that choices should not be limited, but rather considered as to the various types of diets available. In choosing the right diet, take into consideration your lifestyle and nutrition.


Training your metabolism


Did you know you can train your metabolism and result in what is called metabolic flexibility? Metabolic flexibility is a way to train your metabolism, an essential process for the benefit of health, weight management, energy, mood and chronic disease prevention. This is achieved when your body has the ability to effectively switch to different fuel availability—from using carbohydrates to fats for energy.


Expert nutritionist and naturopath, Rhian Stephenson, says on Harper’s Bazaar, “Our bodies are designed to do this seamlessly so that we can maintain energy production in times of caloric scarcity (think back to when we had to hunt for food) or increased energy demands.” Metabolic imbalance is the opposite of what is desired here, but, unfortunately, this may be resulted when diets are too high in carbs and sugar.


Lifestyle modifications to aid menstrual cycle


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This modification is termed ‘cycle synching’ whereby relevant modifications to lifestyle, nutrition and workouts align with different phases of the menstrual cycle. According to the findings of Bridget March of Harper’s Bazaar, the menstrual cycle is a big contributor to women's health as it serves as an indicator of health changes in body temperature, pulse, breathing rate and blood pressure.


What’s more, cycle synching exercises the much-needed ability to adapt how we eat, move and care for ourselves with the fluctuation of hormones. Apt lifestyle choices are needed that work with our biology instead of against it, and as a result this will improve our day-to-day experience.


Mindful drinking


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Switch out the alcohol for a healthier alternative. Drinking alcohol does have its benefits, but it’s also without the heavy consequences on potential physical effects. If you want to achieve the social benefits of drinking but without the alcohol, some great alternatives are cocktails and non-alcoholic sparkling drinks. Otherwise, some other alcohol substitute at home is kombucha, which is a fermented beverage that provides many health benefits for gut health. Another good alternative is matcha; its benefits include having high antioxidants, helps you lose weight, flushes out toxins in the body, boosts brain function, may promote heart health and prevent cancer.


Recovery is as important as fitness


According to Olive Magazine, adequate and proper rest and recovery is just as—if not, even more—important than vigorous workouts. Exercising is important but also stay mindful of the amount of rest you allot to yourself. This is a form of self care in itself, because it can easily affect your stress levels. We might even see the rise of recovery-focussed gadgets on the market sometime this year.


Considered convenience


Some people are leading busy lives and have minimal time to spare for cooking. That’s why the convenience of buying take-outs or deliveries are often convenient. However, these meals often come at a cost—i.e., the addition of preservatives and lack of nutrition as compared to fresh, home-cooked meals. In the new year, be sure to anticipate the growing awareness of considered convenience whereby many brands are rethinking their ready meal options that include more nutritious and sustainable elements. This would also promote conscious eating for both the customer and food brands whilst on the go.


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