Health Precautions When Traveling During the CoronaVirus Outbreak

Health Precautions When Traveling During the CoronaVirus Outbreak

Suppose that you have been dreaming of setting foot in Indonesia or Singapore as well as Thailand and Vietnam, the gems of Souteast Asia. You’re craving to feel the country’s eternal summer, the breeze and the sun. You are ready to dwell in a foreign life that is different from what you experience daily. You have done your shopping and your luggage is lying down on your bedroom floor, widely-opened, waiting to be piled up with your best travelling outfit. Then, you switch on your TV and stories about the coronavirus killing innocent people are on every news highlight, broadcasting travel ban to the countries that you have been wanting to visit.


How would you possibly react to this situation? Will you stand still to your plan or will you call the airline company that issued your ticket to, at least, postpone your trip?

For your safety, we recommend you to postpone your trip to these countries of eternal summer. Another way to behave in this situation is to find a new travel destination. Instead of going South, why not try going West? The Carribean Islands for example. However, if dwelling in the bustling roads of Chatuchak Market keeps haunting your sleep, below are precautions where you need to put your attention on. 


  • Avoid all high-risk areas such as farms and live animal markets. As you might have known, the novel virus originated from live animals before it was transmitted to humans and became an epidemic. 

  • If you come into contact with any animals or animal products, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth until you have thoroughly sanitised your hands.

  • Always sneeze and cough into your elbow, not your hands.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water thoroughly. Also, carry hand sanitiser with you and use it often.

  • Keep a distance from sick people, especially if they have a fever, cough, or difficulty of breathing.

  • Follow the advice of local authorities on precautions regarding the virus.

  • Ensure that your travel insurance is still valid. Monitor your health closely and see a healthcare professional as soon as you feel unwell. 

  • Wear a mask, even though it might feel inconvenient. Better safe than sorry. 


    Safe trip and stay healthy!

    Much Love, 

    The 1 People’s Team



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