Happy New Year! May the Conscious and Sustainable Fashionista in You Continue to Ignite

Happy New Year! May the Conscious and Sustainable Fashionista in You Continue to Ignite

1 People would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Just like that, we have entered 2021 and we have so many expectations for what's to come. Will we be spending life indoors again? Can we finally flaunt our styles on a day out with friends, or better yet can we finally travel again in style? If there's one certainty from this occurrence is that fashion has definitely changed.

In hindsight, the pandemic and living life in isolation has changed the way we approach fashion, and has therefore changed our relationship with shopping and clothing in general.

During quarantine, as we reflect and begin to sort through our wardrobes, we are confronted with questions such as:
  "How much do I consume?";
  "Do I really need to buy more clothing?";
  "Do I still need this item in my wardrobe?";
  "Can I style this top around in a new way?"
Michela Vinton, the Director of Affiliate Partnerships at new vintage platform Display Copy, shares that she has used this time to wear clothes in different ways. We are confronted with sustainability's wake when seeing fashion in this light. If there's anything 2020 can teach us - it's that the need for sustainability across sectors is evermore important. Even more so in fashion. And it all ties down to our shopping approach - new or secondhand, fast or slow fashion.

BBC has mentioned that the surprise trend in 2021 will be 'everyday exuberance' which means throwing away the normal style for something with more 'fun'. Though it was true that loungewear and athleisure formed the new trends during lockdown, it was in the concept of 'dressing up' in said styles that still persisted, which created a whole phenomena around it. People still felt the need - and have the motivations - to style themselves regardless of just staying home. ​Fashion futurist Geraldine Wharry said, "Dressing up is a way of reclaiming happiness regardless of outside factors. It’s realising that you, as a person, even if no one else sees you, are the most important thing. People are getting creative with the clothes in their closets and having fun. They’re asking themselves, what really brings me joy? They’ve come through the first [UK] lockdown and realised it’s just not viable to live in sweatpants.” This gives some insights into what 'everyday exuberance' may mean for fashion and lifestyle in 2021.

You can still take this time to revisit and embrace items that have been standing still at the back of your wardrobe.

If you have no use for it anymore, get creative and craft something out of it. Personalise your athleisure outfit with a smart casual top or jacket and make it sleek. With recent news of the COVID-19 situation looking up - due to the arrival of vaccines in several countries -, it may not be long until we can flaunt our newly revived fashion styles again.

Find inspiration from our 7 Looks to Welcome the New Year to match athleisure with professionalism.

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