Get Your Body in Shape with These Summer Superfoods

Get Your Body in Shape with These Summer Superfoods

Have you been counting your calories intake or simply having a healthy diet because summer is officially here and you want to stay energised from the food you consume while also getting into the shape that makes you slip easily into your swimsuit? We have good news! Nature has pure gifts that are scientifically-proven to be a catalyst to help you lose weight. Tasty, loaded with vitamins and nutrients, these summer superfoods will smoothen your way towards your desired healthy beach body. Snatch your reusable shopping bag and hit the nearest grocery to fill your fridge with these fantastic four: 


This vibrant red fruit is our five star recommendation for you to include in your diet if you have been planning to shed some pounds. Its sugary flavour with a tingle of sourness adds a perfect taste to your salad, yogurt or any kind of desserts. Besides its fantastic properties to satisfy your sweet tooth, cherry is loaded with resveratrol, an antioxidant that packs some amazing body-transforming powers. A research conducted in Washington State University, Pullman found that high dose resveratrol is able to convert white fat into brown fat, a condition your body needs to increase metabolism and burn more calories. Additionally, this antioxidant prevents your skin from hazardous radicals and makes it look great during warmer months.

Portobello Mushroom 

Switch out some meat in each of your meals with portobello mushroom to achieve your summer body goal. Having a similar texture to beef or lamb, mushroom is a healthier alternative to feed your cravings for meatloaf as the plant is low in calories but rich in dietary fibre and vitamins. Researchers at the University of Buffalo's Department of Nutrition Science found portobello mushrooms effective at stabilising blood sugar and minimising insulin spikes, the main trigger that keeps you wanting to eat sweet food. Fry some mushrooms with olive oil, a pinch of salt and dried chilli. Then serve it as a side dish that is good for your body and your waistline.  


Including low-calorie food like cucumbers in your diet helps you lower your calorie intake yet keep your gut full throughout the day, thanks to its rich dietary fibres. This crunchy veggie is also loaded with anti-inflammation antioxidants that are good for your skin, hair and bones. It is also worth noting that cucumber helps reduce constipation, which is more or less related to a regular “bathroom schedule” that will cut some unwanted weight from your body. Furthermore, eating half of an unpeeled cucumber provides you with around one-third of the daily value for vitamin K, an essential nutrient that removes blood clot, a mass of coagulated blood that can damage your internal organs.


Low in calories, yet high in nutrients, grapefruit is a tasty food that helps you lose weight while staying healthy. Enjoy a cool and easy breakfast with this summer food as it's high in vitamin C, which can boost your immune system, and rich in fibres, that is beneficial for inducing feelings of fullness. Similar to the other summer superfoods, grapefruit can also stabilise your insulin spikes and thus making you feel less interested in sweets. As a result, you’ll get through the days or summer month feeling loaded yet without a significant weight gain. 

Apart from helping you get the beach body you desire, these foods are also picnic-friendly and a perfect dish to savour during the warmer months. Cut them into pieces and pack the easy breezy summer snack in your tote whenever you are heading out. 


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