Festive Feasts That Are Planet Friendly

Festive Feasts That Are Planet Friendly

In the lead up to the holiday season many of us have begun stocking up on ingredients to cater for our family over the festivities. 1 People wish to share with you all below how to plan your festive feasts carefully, store fresh produce effectively and both clean up and set up with zero waste. Be sure to buy unpacked ingredients, unpackaged fruit & vegetables is one of the easiest, healthiest, and cheapest zero waste hacks. It means you can buy as many or as little produce as you need, avoiding food waste. Alternatively, if you can manage to buy from your local farmer then even better as you are supporting local businesses.

If you can not make it to the shop this year due to restrictions or other reasons, good news the online shopping revolution has arrived in response to eco-conscious consumers. Some pioneering businesses in the Bay Area are trying very hard to marry the convenience of online (grocery) shopping with the clean conscience of a zero waste lifestyle. Finally, this is not ideal but if you have to buy items in plastic search for large amounts of product wrapped into one bag.

Once purchased your items the next sustainable steps to take place will happen in your home, zero waste stations are always a good idea around times of celebrations. Eliminate the amount of disposables by using efficient appliances to store leftovers or bulk buys such as glass jars which double as nice decoration not only are these containers more aesthetically pleasing they are much kinder to our planet then single use plastic ones. For serving be sure to use reusable clothes opposed to napkins and use silicone lids as a substitute for clingfilm. Finally, safely share and swap with your community, if COVID has taught us one thing it is that we can all help each other a bit more especially the ones close to us. So if you find you are running out of space for your unwrapped products, create a group with your neighbours and fairly trade or gift items this holiday season.


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