Fashion Does Not Have to Cost Us The Earth

Fashion Does Not Have to Cost Us The Earth

Join us in discussing the negative impact the fashion industry can have on the planet and how us at 1 People and you at home being committed to ecological responsibility can be the catalyst for positive change.

Clothes may be pretty straightforward and simple looking but the processes that go into making them are anything but basic. We need to approach fashion shopping as carefully and thoughtfully as we do skin care, we are so cautious about what chemicals we put on our face we need to apply the same mindset to chemicals we put into the planet.

For starters, 2billion pairs of jeans are made every year. They use 2million tonnes of chemicals in the process plus 2,630 litres of water - per individual pair of jeans - and approximately 1.4million tonnes of raw cotton. If you don't already know, cotton is a thirsty, chemical-reliant crop… Not only is most loungewear and dresses made out of cotton but jeans also are. Then you add on chemical-laden synthetic dyes, a huge washing and rinsing water-wasting cycle and finishing processes which use more chemicals such as acid washing.

These damaging denim and cotton figures are alarming, the negative effects of fashion on the environment are beginning to surface and sadly becoming common knowledge. There’s a cautionary textile industry “joke” that if you want to know what colours are trending next season, just look at the colour of the rivers in China. Reports have shown that dye residue often ends up in waterways (turning the rivers blue) or on the skin (and in the lungs) of factory workers.

Fortunately at 1 People we have discovered some optimistic innovations that mean not shopping isn’t the only solution. All products are made local to the 1 People regional office, designed by small scale manufacturers with love and;Tencel TM lyocell, linen, responsible wool, natural dyes, recycled fibres, regenerated silk and eco suede. Any of these will be far less impactful than conventionally grown cotton, silk or synthetic dyes.

The steady rate at which 1 People introduces new products is also rooted in sustainability, prioritising what pieces our audiences need in their lives rather than following trends to gain a quick profit. Our conscious audiences aspire for longevity and uniqueness in design that never falls out of fashion.We hope this leaves a great example of how putting fashion first doesn’t have to come at the cost of our planet and inspires you and fellow consumers to shop more ‘slowly’. We have a constant focus on material health. We produce sustainable, durable and high quality products without compromising on style or luxury.

We proudly advocate that using sustainable practises as an effective platform can solve many problems of the world, namely poverty, climate change and pollution. There are lots of factors that constantly remind us of the need to change the traditional fashion and consumption practices. At 1 People, we fully commit to give more back than we take. We strive not to pollute and leave waste behind us and we want our existence and products to be safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Lots of Love,
1 People

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