Environmental and Educational Activities to Pass the Time in Lockdown

Environmental and Educational Activities to Pass the Time in Lockdown

With the government forced to lockdown a majority of cities and health authorities asking for some citizens to self-quarantine to control the pandemic and limit the spread of coronavirus, people are faced with weeks, if not months, of staying at home.

Understandably, many will have begun spending this time pondering when things will begin to be normal again or worrying about finances and the health of themselves or a loved one.

Thankfully, 1 People have sourced many recommendations for you to enjoy during this time that will encourage you to also take time to focus your energy on positive emotions and build sustainable lifestyle skills.

An easy way to take advantage of all the extra time you have is to simply learn and better your knowledge on the importance of sustainability.

There are tones of books out there on climate change and global warming alongside the very insightful and captivating Planet Earth documentaries on Netflix. Alternatively, enrol to online courses on platforms such as Future Learn which offer a huge range of courses, some are free to access and some are available at a small upfront cost. Not only will this aid you in establishing how to become more green in your everyday life which is a feel good in itself, but you could even take a course that will increase your skill set on your CV.

Secondly, look at your surroundings and create a conscious home audit, identify your consumption choices,lifestyle and waste habits.

A fabulous way to start is by decluttering your bedroom and wardrobe, aiming to keep only staples and key pieces. Donating unwanted items to charity is a great idea, perhaps a homeless shelter as they are reportedly struggling more than ever before as a result of the pandemic. If working from home, construct your office, taking inspiration from modern Danish workspaces, curate an upskilled minimalist clean space with only essentials present to help you feel uplifted and present when working. Finally, it will also be useful to make a kitchen inventory as a means for zero waste concluding what you actually need.

Another wonderful way to pass the time under lockdown is to make something you’ve never made before.

A great and conscious D.I.Y project is to upcycle your old items. If you are into embroidery, turn that oversized old t.shirt into a tote bag and some reusable make up remover pads or simply make those old shampoo bottles into storage containers. Consider your hobbies and interests, do some online searching for how-to articles and you will be inspired in time.

Finally, not forgetting the importance of self care in these trying times. Prioritising your health and mental wellbeing should be at the top of your list. Stay safe and we hope you enjoy trying out some of our environmentally friendly activities for all the family.

Much Love,
1 People

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