Being Conscious This Christmas

Being Conscious This Christmas

It is no secret that Christmas shopping
can mean excess and lead to waste.

1 People wants to kindly remind you all to shop smart this year, to tread thoughtfully on our planet and recognise that the 2020 holiday season may be different but if spent with our loved ones can still be just as special.


Hopefully sustainability is at the forefront of everyone's minds right now and the consumerism of christmas does not have to change this. Be it the clothes you're wearing or the products you're purchasing.


If possible for you to visit stores to shop this season please remember to bring more reusable bags then normal as you are likely to be shopping for more than one special someone. Also in stores, shop smartly, take time to check the value and quality of products as we all aspire for longevity this year. Look for confirmation that products you purchase support fair trade practices and try where you can to support small or new businesses.


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Typically many department stores around this time of the year would have started preparing for an influx of large crowds shopping for their loved ones holiday gifts. However, as a result of the pandemic we are going to be seeing a massive difference with how we go about our festive shopping this year. Restrictions will not only decrease the amount of shoppers who flock to stores, but many have faced limitations on work flow so the size of customers baskets may also be smaller this year. Understanding that we need to also be conscious of hardship people have faced as a result of the pandemic.


1 People want to express that gifting memorable moments can be equally as special to share with someone.


Some examples of experiences to give for a friend or loved one are; host a bespoke meal that is perhaps their favourite dish and get creative with the experience and craft menus etc to make a memorable experience, plan a trip to their favourite museum or gallery, organise an all inclusive staycation as they are all the craze right now.



Finally, choosing one timeless present as opposed to multiple pieces can be just as valuable if not more.


Discover our range of bespoke clothing designed to spark joy this season and for the planet.



Much Love,

1 People

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