Bali-based Yoga Retreats You Must Visit To Radiate The Gorgeous In You

Bali-based Yoga Retreats You Must Visit To Radiate The Gorgeous In You

Famous for its wonderful nature, friendly locals and fascinating culture, Bali is a magnet to those who are in search for a holistic getaway destination. This lovely island is also your number one option to dwell in soul-searching or to simply unwind. If you ask why, the answer is because Bali has a varied range of world known yoga retreats. Yoga retreat, Yes! The perfect place to embark on wellness adventure where new ideas unfold and a healthy self-image crystalised.

Retreat to a yoga resort of your choice to enable you radiate the gorgeous in you. As an inspiration, 1 People lists down four best yoga retreats in Bali for you to lodge in. These places are selected based on its sustainability, quality and its facility, such as accommodation, pool, spa lounge. When you are in your retreat, we want you to enjoy your “Me Moment’ without a hassle.

The Collective at Desa Seni

The Collective offers a selection of distinctive private yoga retreats where a dedicated yoga teacher will lead you on a personal journey through a deeper exploration on your individual needs, goals, and objectives. Their wellness programs are designed for any type of yoga practice and available to all levels of practitioner. Collective is an integrated part of Desa Seni, a beautiful resort with antique decoration that rejuvenates the amazing heritage of Indonesian archipelago. It is equipped with a large-sized pool, spa lounge and organic Asian-Western restaurant. If you feel like you want to deep into the ocean, this retreat is only few minutes from Canggu beaches, which are famous for their brownie sand. Desa Seni grows their own organic food in conjunction with local farmers. 

Como Shambala

COMO Shambhala Retreat is located near Ubud, a true ‘Retreat for Change’ with resident experts including a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic doctor and resident dietician. Their holistic, 360-degree approach to wellness offers signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. Cuisine is always nutritionally balanced. The raw materials are harvested from sustainable local plantation or supplied by local farmers. COMO Shambala is a lone-standing estate rests deep in the lush forestry Ubud area, a conducive environment for those whose goal in mind is to find an ultimate peaceful getaway. For you who are looking for a cosy corner to retreat and reset your whole purpose in life, their specially built Wellness Programmes are a selection of life-changing start you need to succeed.

The Palm Tree House

A Gorgeous boutique villa located among tropical gardens and palms with short distance to the famous Canggu beaches, The Palm Tree House provides a wellness retreat of your own choice. They offer a variety of customisable retreat packages that suit your needs and your schedule. Led by celebrated world-class instructors, you can join fitness and healing yoga class to clear your mind. The packages include organic food service and spa treatments that you can use in between your yoga classes. Retreat from your busy daily routines for a cosy corner that combines the beauty of green landscape and the limitless horizon across the sea.

Floating Leaf Eco Retreat

Nominated as one of the world's best yoga and wellness retreats by Conde Nast Traveler in 2017, Floating Leaf Eco Retreat is a luxurious wellness getaway that is dedicated for women. This retreat estate is not only famous for premium yoga classes but also for the company's people and planet oriented CSR programme, which calls you to be part of the change. When you experience burnout or in need for a break, this place is the right destination to come and get out feeling refreshed in mind, body and soul.

Choose your retreat to unwind and don’t forget to take your best athleisure outfit to enjoy your “Me Moment” at the most comfortable way possible. 

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