Accepting that Good Things Can Fall Apart so Better Things Can Fall Together

Accepting that Good Things Can Fall Apart so Better Things Can Fall Together

Building a closure towards disappointing ends of situations, be it relationships or job related can help you heal any feelings of negativity and reboot your mind, body and soul. Attempting to end narratives positively will allow you to move forward and build a beneficial mindset that envisions you achieving your goals and being the best version of yourself. 

Prioritise how your life feels rather than how it looks

When experiencing situational stress take some time aside and truly allow yourself to feel what you feel, communicate honestly with those closest to you and who you trust. Do not waste time negatively assuming how others may perceive you or this situation. Teach yourself how to focus a mental spotlight on the situation and see the positive outcomes and no matter how minor what good things have come into your life as a result of this ending. So, next time you make a mistake or something comes to an unexpected end, you do not feel the need to beat yourself up.

Understanding it is okay to be selfish at times. 

At times self-care can be seen as selfish and that is more than okay, especially if you are healing or mentally recharging. You can in fact physically take care of your emotional well being. At 1 People we are advocates for incorporating hygge into at least one day of the week. This can be as simple as enjoying life's simple pleasures, playing your favorite song on repeat, being truly present and thankful for nature on a walk or even staying an extra hour in bed.  Most importantly we all know that having a good time with people we love increases our mood, so once you feel you have re-charged and feel more confident, text or call someone close to you and catch up over your favourite food or drink.

Humour for healing

A sense of humour is key to resilience. Quite literally having a laugh can be a great coping mechanism when dealing with stressful situations. The process of looking at a situation and applying light hearted humour helps you to recognize that there are two ways you can perceive the situation and that it may in fact have a hidden benefit or meaning. A multitude of studies outline how humour tends to decrease stress as positive forms of humour relates to feelings of social support. 

Live your best life 

Once you have realised you can give yourself closure and you do not have to wait around to receive it, put some time aside to prioritise caring for yourself and let your hair down with your best girlfriends you will realise that no matter what the situation you’ve got this! Now you are ready, you have overcome what you thought was so daunting and you are positively approaching the next exciting chapters of your life that await. 


Much Love, 

The 1 People's Team

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