A New Season is Coming—March 2022 Will Be An Eventful Month

A New Season is Coming—March 2022 Will Be An Eventful Month

February is quickly coming to an end. Despite how awfully fast the period has gone it’s certainly about time that we welcome a new month and season in the new year, with spring just a few weeks away! It’s time to take your winter clothes out for a spin for the last time this year, before finally switching to the simpler denim and basic t-shirt styles.


February is the shortest month of the year, but it’s no short of any of the excitement that other months offer. Also known as the month of love, February celebrates Valentine’s Day where warmth, intimacy and affection become hot topics throughout the month. We celebrated Valentine’s Day with the Love, 1 People campaign, which promotes gifting skin-caring garments to show love, affection and long-lasting health for your loved ones. 


And now, March is just a few days away and more special days are coming up. From International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day in the UK to finally welcoming the flowers to bloom signalling spring, we’re anticipating a great start to the new season. Read on to discover more.


Wrapping up the first few months of 2022


Before we explain why we’re excited for March 2022, we need to look back briefly to the start of the year, specifically January and February. In January, we’ve done a lot of reflecting as well as anticipating. We have laid out the central themes that will define sustainability in 2022 in a previous journal. Aside from that, health, wellness and wellbeing trends were also anticipated in a different journal to help with setting the stage for a focus on health in 2022. It’s safe to say that we’ve done some research on what to expect throughout 2022.


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In hopes of becoming more resilient and receptive to the current sociocultural and economical landscape, many good things can come out of learning about diversity and inclusion. That was why we’ve looked to learn from the past as well as the experiences of brands and thoughtleaders in the fashion industry to understand the right best practises. In a previous journal, we have written as follows, “The pandemic has caused a step back for DEI in the workplace, as it has caused women to take paid or unpaid leaves, or even resign entirely. But hopefully in the new year, we’re recovering from a post-pandemic world which makes it possible to kickstart progress for a more inclusive industry and society at large.”


Which brings us to our excitement for March 2022 and the multiple special days—International Women’s Day and UK Mother’s Day—that aims to highlight women’s achievements.


March 2022: A packed agenda


To greet the beginning of the month, International Women’s Day will soon take place on the eight of March. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,” with the hashtag #BreakTheBias to raise awareness against bias, celebrate women’s achievement, and take action for equality. This theme comes at a perfect time where the need to consider women’s rights and climate change go hand-in-hand. UN Women states, “Advancing gender equality in the context of the climate crisis and disaster risk reduction is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century.” The need to achieve equity in communities and society is ever relevant, especially for women.


To start our own agenda, we will also be celebrating International Women’s Day by following the community hashtag (#BreakTheBias) whilst creating one of our own. We’ll only say this much and keep you guessing for now, so stay tuned to discover what we have in store!


For our friends in the UK, March is also the month that celebrates the special women in life, biological mothers and any other mother-like figures. Mother’s Day UK takes place on the 27th of March this year, which is the fourth Sunday of Lent and just three weeks before Easter Sunday. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give thanks to our mothers for their unconditional love and lifetime support.


In preparation for Mother’s Day, it might be a good idea to start as early as now with your search for the most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts. There are many great and meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas on the Internet, but we’re here to help you with a more sustainable gifting option that not only lasts long but is also stylish and meaningful for her. Stay tuned for what we have in store for Mother’s Day UK, too! Here’s a hint: we’ll definitely be sharing a gift guide to help you find the most thoughtful gifts.


Spring is coming soon!


The season of new beginnings is coming! We’ll soon get to see the flowers bloom, smell the earthy soils in the rain, and spend warmer and longer days outside. In the weeks to come, prepare to say goodbye to the winter season and finally welcome spring.


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For some, spring might be their favourite season. Some others might enjoy autumn over spring, just like how many favour summer over winter. Which out of the four seasons do you like most? Share with us by sending a message through email or on Instagram!


Something new is coming this spring


We’re so excited to welcome the new season that we have something special in store, launching soon. We’re not going to give away any details just yet, but it’s definitely going to be a noteworthy launch of the year. So, follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already to get a sneak peek on the release. 


It’s safe to say that we’re containing our excitement right now and are really looking forward to the new month and new season altogether! We’ll still remain to enjoy a slow lifestyle in the meantime and indulge in the finer things in life as we get ready to end the shortest month of the year.


Much Love,

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